Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Funny things the kids have said about the baby

I'm starting this post in November but scheduling it to post Jan 1, because I figure we would have told everyone about the baby by then.  Here are some funny things Katrina has said:

Nov 16: "Happy Nappy Mommy.  And Happy Nappy Baby.  Did the baby hear that?" Me: "I don't think it has ears yet." Her, thinking: "Do babies have ears?"

"Does the baby wear a diaper?"

Nov 18:
During Sacrament meeting, Katrina: "Mommy, why is the baby a surprise?"
Daniel, right after that, loudly: "Mommy, there's a baby in your--" Me: "Shhhhh!" Him: "---tongue!"

Dec 11:
Katrina has continued to be been obsessed with the baby's ears.  After the ultrasound, she wanted to see the baby's ears on the sonogram.

Dec 16:
Katrina double-checked that a newborn baby at church has ears, then came up to tell me that that baby has ears, and will our baby have ears too?

She likes to talk about babies, then say, "Like the baby in your tummy, Mommy!"

I spend most of my days sick from morning sickness.  Daniel comes up to me and says, "You sick? From the baby in your tummy?"

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