Monday, June 3, 2013

Newborn diapers

I should probably explain why I'm not updating this blog.  We've run out of room for pictures and either need to pay to upgrade, get rid of some of the old pictures, or start a new blog.  I tried getting rid of some pictures in my Picasa account to free up room and accidentally got rid of some pictures on the blog, so I stopped.  Anyway, we'll decide what to do eventually and then I can start updating with pictures!

But these are cell phone pics, so I've got enough room!  I finished making newborn-sized diapers for this upcoming baby!  Only a month and a half left, so I'm starting to feel the urge to get everything completed.
 These are 6 covers, 4 bamboo prefolds, and 24 cloth wipes.  I also have a bunch of commercial and handmade inserts from other diapers that I can use inside these covers if we need more diapers.
 Here are 8 bamboo fitted diapers, and three fitteds I made a long time ago out of an old shirt and some knit fabric. 
 And these are AIO (All-in-one) diapers.  They are the simplest for diaper changes because they are most similar to disposables--off and on and no extra covers or anything.  I wanted to have plenty of these for going out of the house and for when Adam or our moms change diapers (he prefers AIOs, though he learned how to fold a mean flat diaper with Daniel!). I made them in some faster drying styles.  12 of these I made, the three on the left are commercial.
So with 11 fitteds, 15 AIOs, and 4 prefolds, that's 30 diaper changes.  Newborns pee and poop so much that I'll probably be washing every 2 days.  If I want to wash every 3 days I'll just use some of those inserts inside covers like I mentioned. I also have two flats. 

I'm a little worried about these diapers not fitting, but I picked some patterns that have good reviews from a lot of moms, and they are all adjustable so they should fit for a couple of months!  I do have a pack of newborn diapers for right after birth and in case the cloth ones are too big, and hopefully that's enough.

Monday, April 8, 2013


Today is probably the best day of the year so far. It's been a cloudless day that each 80 degrees, and the trees thought it was a good time to blossom (Katrina felt the need to announce each blossoming tree she saw with a shout).

It was nice enough that i came home an hour early (5 instead of 6) and treated the family to our first water ice of the season. After a brief dinner we came to the park to ride bikes. I swear, Tori must have taken these kids out during the winter, because they are so much better at it than last autumn.

Sitting here in the cool evening breeze with children playing all around makes me happier than I've been in a very long while. Somehow it makes all my troubles seem to disappear.


Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Funny things the kids have said about the baby

I'm starting this post in November but scheduling it to post Jan 1, because I figure we would have told everyone about the baby by then.  Here are some funny things Katrina has said:

Nov 16: "Happy Nappy Mommy.  And Happy Nappy Baby.  Did the baby hear that?" Me: "I don't think it has ears yet." Her, thinking: "Do babies have ears?"

"Does the baby wear a diaper?"

Nov 18:
During Sacrament meeting, Katrina: "Mommy, why is the baby a surprise?"
Daniel, right after that, loudly: "Mommy, there's a baby in your--" Me: "Shhhhh!" Him: "---tongue!"

Dec 11:
Katrina has continued to be been obsessed with the baby's ears.  After the ultrasound, she wanted to see the baby's ears on the sonogram.

Dec 16:
Katrina double-checked that a newborn baby at church has ears, then came up to tell me that that baby has ears, and will our baby have ears too?

She likes to talk about babies, then say, "Like the baby in your tummy, Mommy!"

I spend most of my days sick from morning sickness.  Daniel comes up to me and says, "You sick? From the baby in your tummy?"