Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Katrina's Christmas show

We went to Katrina's Christmas show on Friday morning.  The kids were so cute!  They each had a different hat or headband on their head, from santa hats to reindeer ears to candy canes.  Katrina had a candy cane.
 In the above picture she's on the very left.  We noticed that Katrina wasn't singing with very much enthusiasm.  She was also struggling with the words.  Since she's been singing her songs at home with gusto for the last couple of weeks, I figured something was wrong.
 She spent most of "Must Be Santa," her favorite song, picking her nails.  Later on I asked her what happened and she said she was just a little shy.  I had a theory though that maybe she was just sad because she couldn't see us.  Daniel had been acting a bit crazy most of the performance, so I decided to stand up and take him to one of the aisles.  Katrina immediately saw me, her eyes lit up, and she said, "Mommy! That's my Mommy!"  Then she joined in the rest of the chorus with much more excitement. 

You can see her poking her head through the opening there in the back trying to show me her jingle bells and jingle them at me.  For the rest of the songs Katrina participated with her normal enthusiasm, watching me the whole time.  It makes me wish I had stood up earlier!
 After the performance we headed back to the classroom and ate cookies.  Daniel was thrilled to be able to join Katrina there and still requests to have another party at Katrina's classroom.
I've been particularly emotional this weekend after the Sandy Hook shooting on Friday, especially because that horrible incident was taking place at the same time as this Christmas show where we were watching these beautiful, wonderful children sing.  I'm been praying a lot for the families of those affected in Newtown and I've been especially grateful for my children and my blessings.  I truly love my children and wish I could shield them forever from the realities of this world we live in.  For now, I'm largely in charge of what they know and what influences come into our home, and I've been especially mindful of my responsibility to keep those influences uplifting.  Anyway, that's a sad note to end on, but I really am grateful for my kids and husband and for the plan of salvation that lets me know I'll be able to be with them for all of this life and the eternities too.

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