Sunday, December 9, 2012

Happy Birthday Daniel

This post is kind of a photobomb, since it's been a month between posts!  We've had Thanksgiving and sicknesses and Daniel's birthday, and time has just gone by so quickly.  First off, I bought more tubs for clothing storage, and the kids found a good use for them:
 Last week we celebrated Daniel's birthday, as well as his Nana's and great-Grad's birthdays too.  I snapped some pictures of the Christmas decorations at Nana and Poppop's house.

 His Auntie Em made Blue's Clues themed cupcakes!

 Daniel is in LOVE with balloons, and really could be happy playing with one for hours.
 He was so excited about his birthday party and had been talking about it for weeks.  And is in fact still talking about it and wants another one!

 I'm not sure what was inside Katrina's shirt here, but I'm betting it was Baby Rabbit.
 Poppop taking a photo of baby Wesley.
 Daniel got a bunch of Blues Clues themed presents, and he loved them all!  First off was a talking Blue.  He already has all of the phrases memorized in order.
 The real winner was the Handy Dandy Notebook, complete with oversized crayons.
 All the kids liked that one, actually.
 He also got a cute computer that the kids all liked too.

 And from us he got a brand new Sunday outfit, which he wore today for the first time.
 Complete with his very first suit coat!
Happy Birthday Daniel!  You are so cute and such a joy.  We love your weird little songs and voices and alternate personas (Puppy, Green Puppy, Punkin, etc). We love your dimple! We love singing with you and seeing you grow up to be such a smart little boy. Happy 3rd birthday!

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