Monday, November 5, 2012

Christmas Advent

So Adam and I are looking ahead to December and planning what activities we want to do.  We actually did this last year, right after Christmas, because we were lame and didn't do nearly as many things as we wanted to do.  So we came up with a list.

I thought I would share it to give other people ideas.  We're going to put it together into some sort of advent calendar and the kids will have fun picking out an idea every day.  We organized it into a schedule that works well with the things we have planned throughout the month.

1. Put up Christmas lights
2. Go through toys and pick some to donate
3. Make Christmas ornaments
4. Sing Christmas Carols
5. Make snowflakes or snowmen
6. Watch a Christmas movie
7. Find or make a new Christmas tree for mom's collection
8. Visit Santa Claus
9. Bake Cookies!
10. Go to the bookstore and buy a new Christmas book
11. Write letters to Santa
12. Make  Christmas Craft
13. Watch a Christmas movie
14. Ward Christmas Party
15. Do a service project
16. Write letters to family we won't see at Christmas
17. Look at Christmas Lights
18. Bake/Deliver Treats for Neighbors
19. Bake/Deliver Treats for Home Teaching/Visiting Teaching families
20. Watch a Christmas movie
21. Make gifts for family
22. Do something nice for a sibling
23. Play a game together as a family
24. Family Christmas Program

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Jolena said...

I really like this idea. Bill and I were talking last night about being more deliberate in our life and the things we want to do and this totally fits into that.