Wednesday, October 3, 2012


Katrina started preschool in the middle of this month. It has been a huge adjustment for everyone, mostly for me.  Instead of staying home while Adam drove to work everyday, I have to spend 1.5-2 hours in the car just driving Katrina to and from preschool and Adam to and from work.  If I add any errands, that's even more car time.  It's exhausting!  But the payoff is this:

 Katrina is absolutely thrilled with preschool.  She's always been really gregarious and loved making new friends, so school is really perfect for her.  And it's also helping her learn to focus and giving her an outlet for her creative desires, which is awesome.  Plus they have music 3 days a week, gym 2 days, and recess everyday.  I'm not that great about getting the kids to the park, so I'm always happy to have her more active.
 We bought them both backpacks, and we've officially done away with the diaper bag!  Daniel carries his portable potty seat, a diaper, and a change of pants and undies.  Plus anything else he sticks in there (food, usually).  Katrina usually carries just her stuffed animals, but also other little treasures.  It's been a great arrangement, and I love just carrying a normal purse.
 School is 9-12, and it's only five or sixe minutes away by car.  It's a really great school and I love seeing her learn.  I'm trying to get her to learn her friends' names but she has a really poor memory for that sort of thing. 
Daniel is my new little buddy.  Every day after we leave Katrina at school, he asks to go to the fabric store or the grocery store.  He always gets jelly beans at the fabric store, and loves dropping the food in the cart at the grocery store.  I've actually been going to playgroup sometimes and that's really fun, especially because our ward just split and a bunch of my friends ended up in the other ward.  We still spend a lot of time at home with Daniel watching tv while I sew, so I need to try harder to find things for him to do other than tv. 

The other hard thing about this arrangement is making dinner.  I disliked making dinner before, and now I despise it!  Driving to get Adam happens right when I used to make dinner.  I like to sew while the kids are napping, so making it before is awkward, and if I wait until afterwards, then I just am exhausted and cranky.  I ended up buying a bunch of boxed foods yesterday at the store, which feels like I sold my soul or something, but these days getting something on the table is more important than what it is (though I hate looking at the labels and seeing how much sodium is in them!!).  I tried a second week of salads and the kids still hated it, so we're back to cooking things that hopefully they will eat and I just try to not overeat and eat plenty of fruit and veggies.   Also, Adam is cooking more too so that I can sew, since I get more tired these days in the evenings and then get behind on bridal orders and have to catch up while the kids are awake.

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Elise said...

Tori, you sound a little discouraged and like you are trying really hard to justify some of these things. Don't worry about it! You are accomplishing so, so much! There is a time and a season for everything, and right now you have chosen the best things for you. Seriously. Your sanity is much more important than a preservative-free dinner every night. Don't second-guess yourself if you can help it! Really, I've told several people all about my amazing friend with two kids and a booming etsy business. You are truly impressive.
I'm glad Katrina is having such a good time at school, but that is no surprise. She sounds like a lot of fun, and I'd be willing to bet that she and Ashley would get along really well, given the opportunity :)