Monday, October 1, 2012

New pillow shams

It's been awhile since I finished our King-sized quilt.  I had planned on making coordinating pillow shams, but just never got around to it.  Lately I've been really getting anxious about the amount of projects I have on my list that I never get around to, so today I bit the bullet and finished them.  I had planned out a couple weeks ago what I wanted them to look like.  Originally I wanted to get some pretty cotton prints, but these colors of yellow and gray are kind of unique and hard to match, so I ended up just going back to Fabric. com and buying the exact same colors of fabric.

 Looking at these pillows on the bed, we should probably have king-sized pillows for it to be aesthetically correct, but we are happy with the number and size of pillows we have. I may or may not cover the long round pillow in the back. 

For all of these, I used French seams, so that they can be taken off and washed and hopefully be long-lasting and sturdy, with no exposed seams. 
So now I feel better about our bedding. Sometimes I wish that I had picked different colors or at least different shades of gray and yellow, but I don't intend on making another bedspread for a long time, so I'll make do! :] It's really comfy and warm, and ultimately that's what I care about.

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Jolena said...

I know your quilt is grey and yellow, but in this light it looks yellow and taupe. So weird. But I do really like those pillows. Great job!