Sunday, October 21, 2012

Halloween decorations and other fun with my Silhouette

A couple months ago I splurged and bought myself a Silhouette Cameo, which is a cutting tool.  It's similar to the Cricut, but instead of cartridges, you can program it to cut whatever you want.  I got some gift cards along with the purchase, and used part of that money to buy some Halloween images.  Today I cut them out with the Cameo and the kids had fun telling Adam where to hang them.
 Not uncontrollably festive, but much better than our normal decorations, which consists of putting our BOO! sign on the door.
 I also cut out some orange pumpkins but didn't get a picture before Adam whisked them away to hang up.
 This is the machine.  It's pretty loud and can take awhile cutting, but I've been really impressed with it so far.

I had the idea of replacing the folded postcards on top of my purse packages with folded cardstock cut out with my logo.  The cardstock is a bit flimsy, so I would need thicker paper, but I kind of like this look.
I also got an attachment to sketch with the Cameo.  I've been experimenting with turning regular images into vector images.  I've had mixed success.  This temple was an experiment tonight.  It looks cool, right?  Adam thinks he can clean it up a bit if I want to make a nicer one.

 And one of the things I'm most proud of is my work on a sparrow for a customer.  She likes the sparrows on this wallet:
 I said I could make something like that on a purse.  I also bought vinyl and heat transfer paper.  I'm going to try using both on the purse and see which works better.  The vinyl would be used along with fabric paint.  The heat transfer can be used by itself.  I have glitter vinyl for the purse.  It will look awesome!  This sparrow below was a combined effort from me and Adam:

We took a free sparrow graphic online and Adam simplified it, and than I figured out how to add a border and turn it into a useable graphic.  This was my first effort that cut successfully, and it gives me hope that this purse will turn out well.  I'll be working on it later this week.
So that's my cool new toy.  I'm hoping to use it for Christmas present this year to save on money.  We'll see what kind of cool things I can make!  I also have a fabric blade so that I can use it for appliques and things.

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