Sunday, October 28, 2012

Halloween costumes

Yesterday was our party at church for Halloween. The kids had tons of fun.
 I wasn't wanting to sew anything for their costumes, but then both kids were really specific about what they wanted.  Katrina wanted to be a wizard with a blue cape with stars.  We happened to find the perfect fabric at Joanns, and then she picked the polka dot fabric for the inside.  We already had the hat, and then we made a really fun wand with a dowel and beads. She also has a pink tutu with stars that went perfectly.
 Daniel said right away that he wanted to be a puppy.  Later on he changed it to Green Puppy, which is a character from Blues Clues.

Since he was so set on that costume, I decided to make his too.  I used a simple hoodie pattern that I've used before, and then for the pants I literally traced his pants on two layers of fleece, and then sewed up the sides and inseams.  Then I folded the waistband and sewed that, and it was done.  It didn't take long--a couple hours or less.
The Halloween party was great, and Katrina said her favorite part was the haunted house (which Adam and I both found fairly creepy, but she went through four times!), and Daniel said his favorite part was drinking the green punch.

I'm glad they had fun at the party, because there's a chance Halloween will get cancelled with Hurricane Sandy coming.  We're preparing for several days without power and hunkering down!

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Jessi said...

they look so cute! you have a beautiful family! I hope all is well and that your safe from the storm and that the worst is over.... miss ya! xoxoxo