Sunday, October 7, 2012

Facebook quotes round #2

So since I have a good amount of family and not all of them are on facebook, I thought I would share some more facebook quotes that I've put there since the last time I shared.  Yes, it's kind of a lot, but I like having them recorded someplace other than Facebook for easier access.

May 12
I told Katrina that fairies aren't real today, and she laughed at me and said, "Yes they are! Someone with a blue shirt and blue shoes and a blue dress has seen a fairy." What the heck? I love my funny kids.

May 14
I don't know how the kids came up with this game, but they are running around pretending that Daniel is a baby ghost. He is running around saying, "Go, Baby Ghost! Ah-wooo!"

May 21
Agenda tonight: buy a new toaster. Apparently the funny smell coming from it has been a combination of melted crayon and melted marker. [And we ended up buying a toaster that also poaches eggs!]

May 25
Me: "Why do you have green marker right there?" Katrina: "It's a mustache! I like it! I look like Daddy!"

June 2
We went to the horse show yesterday.  Every time the horses jumped both kids yelled, "Jump!"
Photo: We went to the horse show yesterday.  Every time the horses jumped both kids yelled, "Jump!"

June 2
Some things that Katrina said while doing Pilates with me: "Look, I'm doing it too!" "But I can't go higher." "That looks fun, can I ride your leg?" "Mommy, (giggles)you look like a tunnel!"

June 6
Strawberry picking at Linvilla

June 9
I found Katrina laying on the floor sucking her thumb through her blanket. I said, "What are you doing? Why aren't you getting your shoes?" Katrina: "I couldn't find them, so I'm sucking my blankie."

June 15
Katrina said, "My giraffe needs gas to go. Can you fill her with leaves?"

June 19
Both my kids like to play Fabric Store. In their game, the fabric store is full of sparkly fabric, candy and especially lollipops.

June 25
Up-and-coming artist Daniel James, with his original work titled "My Mommy"

July 1
"Daniel, time for bed!" "No, I need my Thinking Chair!" He sits, sucks his thumb. "Are you ready for bed yet?" "No, I'm thinking!"

July 11
I love my kids--Katrina was eating dinner and suddenly yelled, "Oh no! We forgot to read the scriptures!!"

July 17
Some of Daniel's conversations today: "Katrina's hitting me with the orca!" "Blue skidoo'd, Mommy too!"

July 18
Today I was trying to figure out a song to play on violin for the talent show next week. The kids thought it was novel and cool at first, but then Katrina complained it was putting her to sleep, and when I asked Daniel if the song I played was fun, and started to play it again, he said, "Not the fun song! No fun song!"

July 21
New haircut!

July 30
I love it when my kids decide to start quizzing me like I always quiz them. Daniel: "What color are my hands?" Me: "Green." D: "What color are my arms?" Me: "Green." Daniel: "Good. What color is my back?" Me: "Green." Him: "Heh heh heh." (Oh yeah, he was playing with markers today).

August 13
Katrina: Why does Princess Celestia have a sister named Nightmare Moon? Me: I don't know. Why does anyone have a sister? Why do you have a brother? Her: Because I like brothers

August 14
Stayed up until 2 am working on this rush order for a bride. I'm a bit frazzled today but it's done and being overnighted later today!
Photo: Stayed up until 2 am working on this rush order for a bride. I'm a bit frazzled today but it's done and being overnighted later today!
August 25
I am always amazed at how Daniel can be saying one minute: "It's the muffin's turn. Muffin wants to watch Blue's Clues," and then a few minutes later is running around squealing such brilliant thoughts as, "Geh-geh! Geh-geh geh-geh! Ike ike. Boinga!"
August 27
This is why markers should be a heavily supervised activity:
August 26
Katrina, singing: "We all live in a yellow submarine, yellow submarine, yellow submarine..." Daniel, singing: "Yellow sub-matrina, yellow sub-matrina, yellow sub-matrina.."
September 8
After I dramatically dispatched a cricket in front of the kids, Katrina insisted it was actually a girl cricket and wanted to name it. Uh, okay. Crickey the cricket is dead!
September 9
We left the house for the first time with Daniel not wearing a diaper. And it worked! I even put his travel potty seat and change of clothes in his backpack. I could get used to this!
September 12
Katrina, on writing her name: "It's easier if you stick your tongue out."
September 12
Funniest thing of today: I was driving the kids to pick up Adam from work. I said to Katrina: "In January, you aren't going to be in my Sunbeam class anymore at church, you're going to be in an older class. And Daniel is going to be in Sunbeams."
Daniel: "No, no be in Sunbeams. Be Flashlights!"
September 13
Katrina: "Do we have a lot of money?"
Me: "We have enough for everything we need and some of the things that we want, but not all of the things that we want."
Katrina: "Well you can sell more purses and then have money so I can get the things I want."
September 20
Sometimes we have some really good ideas as parents--we've been putting the kids down half an hour early and then letting them read quietly in their room for that half hour. They love the reading time, we love the earlier bedtime, and we no longer have to sing the Busytown "Who, what, why, how" song every night!
September 22
A conversation on the basics of birds and bees last night has led to some funny questions about what things Katrina can do "when you and Daddy make a real baby." I don't think she understands why I crack up every time!
September 23
Daniel is equally afraid of hair, thread, and bugs. Multiple times a day I hear him yell, "Aaah, thread!" "Ahh, hair, get it, get it!" or "A bug, ahhhh!" I'm pretty sure that in his mind, they are all interchangeable. And the poor buy lives with me, so he sees a lot of hair clumps and thread clumps!
September 26
Silence from the kids=half our spices dumped on the floor=early bedtime and a really fragrant kitchen.
October 1
Family picture snapped yesterday by my father-in-law. What's wrong with this picture? :]

October 2
Celebrating a big milestone tonight--500 sales on Etsy. Woo-hoo! I bought some fancy cheese and crackers and mango juice to celebrate, ha. :]
Photo: Celebrating a big milestone tonight--500 sales on Etsy.  Woo-hoo! I bought some fancy cheese and crackers and mango juice to celebrate, ha. :]
October 3
Daniel doesn't like it when I call him "sweetie," (apparently Katrina is Sweetie, not him), so I ran through a few endearments with him and he decided he likes Punkin. So when he's not in the mood to be either Daniel or Puppy (his other alter ego) he tells me, "I'm not Daniel, I'm Punkin!"
October 7
Funny quotes from this morning:
Katrina: "Why are we sitting here watching church movies and eating waffles and not going to church?" and
Daniel: "Boomba-chacha-walla- Quorum of Apostles! Quorum of Thinking Chairs! Quorum of Mommies!"
...Now Katrina is singing "Five apostles jumping on the bed..." I swear, they come up with these things all by themselves

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