Sunday, August 5, 2012

Week of salads, Days 3-6

Days 3-6 of our week of salads.  Here is the link to Days 1-2.

Day 3: Roquefort Pear Salad.  This one was interesting.  The combination of flavors was really interesting.  In the past I haven't been a real fan of bleu cheese, so I decided to pick something else at the store.  Knowing basically nothing about cheese, I just looked for something crumbly.  I picked Gorgonzola.  Whew! Smelling it later on, I was pretty nervous, since it smelled like urine, yuck.  I ended up using it anyway, and it was so strong that all of us struggled to eat the salad.  It was almost good!  The mustard dressing was also strong too.  I'd like to try this again without the cheese or with different cheese.  The kids barely touched it.

Day 4: Taking pity on Katrina who had asked, "Can you please make something yummy that I like?" I made Layered Salad, a favorite in our family.  I use about half the recommended dressing and switch out red bell peppers for tomatoes for Adam's sake.  The kids like it, though Daniel only eats the peas and eggs.  Adam and I like it too, but truthfully we are a bit tired of it.

Day 5: Chicken Curry Salad. This is something my mom used to make, so we have had it off and on over the years.  I make it with almonds instead of pecans like this recipe.  I also use normal raisins.  This time I put in some sour cream and salt and pepper as well. Sometimes I use less chicken and put some pasta in it instead, but not this time.  This salad is better when it is chilled, but I usually make it right before we eat. The kids refused to eat it.

Day 6. Broccoli Bacon salad.  This is pretty good.  I used red wine vinegar instead of white on the recommendation of some of the commenters, and I added grapes, which really was a good addition.  Katrina ate it with great reluctance.  Danie kept saying, "I love broccoli" and then spitting it out. We served it with watermelon, which they did eat.

Huge sigh.  This was not a successful week.  I am honestly at a loss.  I enjoyed 5 out of the 6 meals and would love to have salads for dinner every single night.  Adam is pretty neutral about the experience.  He wasn't thrilled with the dinners but enjoyed them well enough--he just is used to something with more substance.  But the biggest is problem is that the kids won't eat any of it.  Katrina can be convinced to eat most things if we are firm enough.  Daniel just plain refuses and there is nothing we can do about it.  The thing that bothers me most is that he loves most of the ingredients of these, but when I put them together he won't touch them.  I'm not sure if it's the dressing or the fact that they are mixed together.  And I have no idea why they eat the layered salad but not the other ones with very similar dressing.  Adam is fine with me continuing to do this, so I think I'll keep trying salads until I find some that maybe the kids will like.  It's just such a dilemma.  Do I put my own weight loss ahead of my kids' wishes?  My mom used to eat completely different dinners than us when we were growing up.  I just don't want to do that.  If I make something heavy in carbs, then I will eat it.  I just don't have the self-control to go eat a salad instead.  But if I only make healthy things, then that's what I eat!  Sigh again.  I just hope my kids loosen up soon and start enjoying the healthy things I make them.


Amber said...

Just keep going! Maybe you can have some boring thing you will make them if they sit through dinner and taste stuff but are still hungry (in our family, if the kids do that they can have a peanut butter sandwich--it will fill their tummy but it's nothing exciting or hard to make). Good luck! We love to make a big chef salad from time to time with romaine, hard boiled eggs, diced ham, carrots, celery, peppers, etc. I also like to make chicken bbq salad where I do romaine, corn, broiled chicken breast and I make the packet of ranch (using low fat mayo and skim milk) and add about 1/8 to 1/4 cup bbq sauce to the ranch.
Go you for doing salads for a week--it's so hard to spend time making something when you feel like no one is excited to eat it. If it was something that made you feel good about yourself, find a way to focus on that to keep going when it's tough.

Elise said...

I feel your pain--my kids can be finicky, too, like when Everett insists that he doesnt like potatoes when we know that he does and ate them the day before.

Maybe you will have better luck making non-salad dinners that are healthy? Have you found any good recipes? I have a couple if you are interested. Joel hates salads so I have had to get creative, hah.

That being said, your salads sound delicious to me, but then again I think sour cream and mayo, etc makes just about anything taste good, unfortunately, haha!

Jaime said...

I think the fact that they are all mixed together makes a huge difference! If I set aside some of the veggies when I make salad, Tess will usually eat them separately, just not mixed together. I also just give her ranch to dip her veggies in instead of whatever other weird/fancy dressing I've concocted. :) Good luck with the healthy eating! Hope all is well in Philly! :)