Sunday, August 26, 2012

New (almost) Dress, McCall's 6346

I did a foolish thing last night that I've done about two or three other times, and even knowing that I would likely regret it, I still made the same mistake!  I started sewing a dress for myself in the evening, thinking it was an easy pattern and would be completed by midnight.  Then I stayed up until 2!  And the sad thing was, I wasn't even able to finish it for church like I wanted to.
Here is the dress (at 2 am, as you can see from my tired eyes):
 I cut out two patterns yesterday, and I took much more care than normal to make sure I was making correct adjustments so that both patterns would fit me.  I tried it on me several times during the process and made even more adjustments.  The result is that the skirt fits great.  Though looking at these picture, I may need to take it in a little more right at my natural waist.  I have a problem in that I am so short waisted that it's really hard to emphasize the narrowest part of my waist!  There's about 4 inches  or less from the top of my hip to my ribs.
So, the biggest problem with this dress is the bodice.  It was impossible for me to tell until I put in all the elastic that the bodice is just too small.  The sleeves in particular are a problem.  They are really little, and so I can barely cover my underwear.  Also, when measuring for sleece elastic, I measured my upper arm at the place I thought the sleeves would hit, but since they hit higher, the sleeves feel a bit snug.  The dress doesn't look too low in this picture, but in actuality all I have to do is bend a little and with it being quite snug too, everything poureth over! :]

So I was pretty disappointed that this won't work.  I even did a bunch of neat little tricks with adding a lining in the bodice and making sure all seams are enclosed so that it can be as professional and neat as possible.  But, sigh, I need to take it all apart and cut out a new bodice.  I used some pretty fabric with white dots, but you can barely see the dots anyway, so I'll just use some plain white cotton for the new bodice.  I'm hoping I can adjust it well enough to wear for next Sunday.  Oh, and I am debating about whether to add a ruffle or not on the bottom.  The pattern has it as an option and I might do that just for a little extra length.  I like below the knee and this one is the right length but hasn't been hemmed, so it will be shorter. 

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Jolena said...

I think it has huge potential! It's always so frustrating when parts don't fit right, but I think the pattern is a flattering one and if you can get it to work, it will look really good on you. :) These pictures sure look cute.