Sunday, July 8, 2012

A tale of two callings

Yesterday, Adam and I got a phone call asking us to meet with a member of the stake presidency today.  Of course, we instantly began speculating what his new calling would be, since they wouldn't bother having me come if it were for a normal interview.  Adam also spent the day pretty much mourning his calling as Stake Assistant Clerk over Finance.  He loves that calling and has only been there 8 months. Being the nerds we are, we even got onto the Church handbook online to see what callings a counselor in the stake presidency can extend.  We decided it was one of three callings: Ward executive secretary, Ward clerk, or member of the Elder's Quorum presidency. 

This morning they went late with interviews, so we only had time before church for me to tell the counselor that I was fine with Adam getting a new calling, whatever it was, and then we had to go to Sacrament meeting.  During that, they released and called a new Executive secretary and also a new Ward Clerk.  They also released the Ward Mission Leader and didn't call him to anything else, so it was pretty obvious what Adam's new calling would be.

After church, he stopped by my classroom and said, "Well, you want to know what it is? I've already been sustained!" Turns out Adam is the new...Elder's Quorum President!  That completely threw us for a loop because it was a counselor in the Stake Presidency who asked him, not the Stake President, but it turns out our Stake Pres is out of town.  Adam is fairly overwhelmed right now!  Sunday mornings will be tricky with him going in for meetings, then coming home to get us and bring us to the church, but those are the trickiest logistics.   I think he'll do a great job, but it is definitely a calling that will make him learn and grow!

And speaking of learning and growing, I was surprised myself to get a new calling this week in addition to Sunbeam teacher.  It's basically a calling that I brought on myself!  A few weeks ago I asked the ward organist to show me how to use the organ.  I took classes my last semester of BYU but that was four years ago, so I needed a refresher.  Ever since then I've been practicing a couple times a week at the church.  My diligence was noticed, and I am going to be an Assistant Ward Organist! :]  This will be a great opportunity for me. I'll probably play once a month or so, and as a backup for our organist when she's gone.  There is already another assistant organist, but she has a brand new baby, so life is busy for her right now.  Anyway, I'm pretty excited about this, and very happy that they plan out hymns 6 weeks in advance so I'll have plenty of time to practice!

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Jolena said...

Exciting times! Our elder's quorum president just is getting released because he's moving and Bill smiled and said I'm his insurance policy against getting that calling for the moment. They wouldn't make him the elder's quorum president awhile I'm YW president, right? :) lol. Who knows in our ward. Good luck on your new calling too! I love playing the organ in church, though it always makes me stretch too.