Monday, July 2, 2012

Quilt for my niece

My sister had her baby over a month ago but unfortunately I am just now finishing her quilt!  I have had the fabric for awhile and the quilts was designed months ago but I've been a slow mover on this one. Thankfully I finished tonight!
 It's an interesting quilt.  Very busy.  Mixing coordinating fabrics together isn't really my strong point, and I think I may have thrown together a few too many patterns with this one, but it's kind of fun too.
 There are a lot of appliques, but they don't really stand out because of all the other patterns. 

 I also got rather adventurous with the quilting!  I have done straight line quilting for the last several quilts I've made, and I really dislike stippling whole quilts, so this one I tried some more advanced techniques.  All the big squares have pointy stippling, all the smaller ones have flowers, and the rectangles have a strange loopy design.  Oh, and the sashing has gentle curves.  I also had to quilt around the appliques, which caused some blank spots on the back.
 I'm not sure I would do it like this again if I had to start over, but it was also nice to try something new, plus it could be quilted in chunks and required less movement than stippling.
 I'll be sending it off this week to my sister.  I hope she likes it!
 And mostly I'm just grateful for my cute little niece and wishing that I could see her in person and not just in pictures!


Anonymous said...

That is beautiful, Tori! You are amazing!

Jolena said...

I love it! I like all the busyness. My MIL does a million quilts and all of hers are super crazy combinations of fabrics, so I've totally started to love quilts like that. Shae is going to love this one. Or maybe she won't care, but Natasha will love it. :)