Sunday, July 22, 2012

First day of organ playing!

Today was my first day playing the organ! I was pretty nervous.  Because Adam has church meetings early at 7, we had to get up at 6 (gag) and then get the kids up too (gaaaag).  We made it on time, which is remarkable for us, and then I practiced organ for awhile and the kids ran around.  That seemed to get their wiggles out nicely, so they were awesome during Sacrament meeting.  My organ playing went really well.  First I had 15 minutes to play prelude, and that was nice for my nerves.  By the time the opening hymn came, I wasn't shaking as badly, and I was pretty much over my nervous mistakes stage.

When I was in Arizona last weekend for my Aunt Jeanine's funeral, we all had the chance to go through her house and take home anything that we wanted.  I had some room in my suitcase for a few things, so I immediately gravitated towards her music.  Tasha and I both went through it all, and I picked out some easy organ prelude books and some piano music.  Tasha is much better than me so she picked out some more difficult music! :] But I was really happy to be taking the music, because it reminds me so much of my Aunt Jeanine, who was an amazing pianist and organist.  I also picked a few pieces of jewelry, and some random kitchen utensils.  The kitchen stuff won't really inspire me the same way, but Jeanine was a practical person, so I bet she'd be happy to see me make use of them! :]

So anyway, the preludes I played today were all from a piano book that had been Jeanine's, and that made me happy today.  I played three hymns, #36 (They, the Builders of Our Nation), #190 (In Memory of the Crucified), and #30 (Come, Come Ye Saints).  I was planning on playing the pedals on the last hymn, but I was too nervous and I knew it would be a disaster, so I didn't do that this time.  Next time!  I even wore my organ shoes, ha, so I need to making use of my skills I learned in my college organ class and actually use the pedals!

After church Adam did clerk work (he hasn't been released yet) and I practiced violin with my accompanist for our ward talent show on Saturday.  Since the choir also sang today and I sang with them, I feel like I made use of all my musical talents today!

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