Monday, July 23, 2012

Cool jewelry holder

A few months ago I came across the jewelry holder on Etsy, here, and immediately fell in love.  It is a bit more than my everyday purchase, so I saved up for it and then bought it for myself as a birthday gift!  It arrived this week and I happily mounted it on the wall. 
 Isn't it cool?  I almost never wear jewelry.  I forgot how much I had! In fact, after this picture, I found another container with a bunch of super cute earrings that I had forgot I owned.  I have completely filled up this tree now but it's so easy to see what I have at a glance, and I am going to go through everything this week and decide whether I really want it or not.  If not, trash can!  Very little of it actually cost much money.  I really want to build up my collection with some nicer pieces instead of the cheap Claire's-like stuff I have now.  I also have several things from my Grandma Kitty, and now a few earrings from my Aunt Jeanine, and I love having thing to remember them by.

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Elise said...

You have such good taste! And I love that you are supporting another handmade artist. We should all adopt that practice.