Saturday, June 9, 2012

Vacation Days 3-4: Zoo and Train Museum

Friday we went to the Philadelphia Zoo. I usually go once or twice a summer with Adam's sister on her season pass, but it's been four years since Adam has gone.  I think the last time was when my sister Natasha visited us right after we moved here!

 We didn't realize how busy it would be because of school groups.  The day was hot but not too hot, but the masses of people made everything loud and kind of crazy.  Daniel easily got overwhelmed. That made him want to be held constantly.  He had that problem today too, so next time we do an excursion we'll try out the back carrier that I made.  He's getting big for it, but it's easier having him on our backs than in our arms, and we always keep it in the car, so we'll have to use it next time.

Two gorillas are in this picture, one in the background, and one right next to the glass.


 Today we went to the Train Museum in Strasburg.  It's a beautiful hour-long drive from us into Amish country.  We actually didn't get any pictures in the museum because we left our cell phones in the car!  I snapped some pictures of the train as it passed us.  We could either pick the train ride or the museum and we picked the museum.  It was fun climbing in and out of some of the trains.  The best part for the kids was a building filled with toy trains, model trains, lego trains, train books, train puzzles, etc.

On the way home we picked up fast food.  I tried to sneak a soda for myself but the kids saw.  Daniel kept trying to offer me a chicken nugget in exchange for a drink of my soda. :]

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Kelly & Tasha said...

I forgot we went to the zoo. That was fun, but so hot. If I remember correctly, Katrina slept the whole time in the stroller. That was a fun trip! I wish I could come visit again.