Saturday, June 2, 2012

Horse show and pictures

I was going through my cell phone pics and realized I had some rather cute ones of the kids that I wanted to share. It took me awhile to figure out where these photos were from, but then I saw the suits and remembered that they are from the Brooks Brothers outlet where we bought Adam's suits a few weeks ago.

 And this photo is from March.  Daniel is playing his cousin's guitar.
 And fast forward in time to yesterday!  Every year we go to the Devon Horse Show, which is about a mile or so from us.  Adam's boss has an awesome box, so we get to use it to watch the events.  Honestly, we usually just watch for a few minutes while eating fries.  The kids always just want to go over to the carnival part.

 The kids were super cute.  Every time a horse jumped a fence, both kids yelled, "Jump!" It was super cute.

 The rides are all fairly expensive, so we only did two.  The both got to ride their first carousel.

And we went on another spinning ride where they got to sit in flying dogs.  Both Adam and I got a bit nauseated riding that one, but they liked it just fine.  Unfortunately, then we had to go home, which caused a major Katrina meltdown, but at least it was fun for awhile! 

These pictures are from this morning.  It was early and I hadn't gotten him dressed yet.
 I love his face!
Today Adam took his CFA exam.  We're so relieved to have this one over.  One more year left!  Or two if he doesn't pass, sigh.  That's okay, we can do it!

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