Saturday, June 2, 2012

Dress for me, Butterick 5642

I made this dress for myself last Saturday and stayed up until after 1 am, but unfortunately it didn't fit!  So today I did a bunch of alterations.  It seems like every pattern I have made lately has been really large on me.  I always cut out the size that it tells me to according to my measurements.  I'm sure it doesn't help that I am short and also short-waisted.

Anyway, this one had multiple problems.  Armholes too big, too much fabric in the waist, completely ineffective modesty panel, and really gapey.

(Sorry for my strange faces in all of these photos! And the blurriness!)  Anyway, I took it in at the shoulders, took out the modesty panel and put in a much larger one (probably too large, but I was getting tired at that point), and gathered the inside edges of the v near the bottom to stop the gaping.  Then I had to take two significant darts in the back.
Altogether I am happy with it.  Unfortunately I can't figure out a way to fix the sleeves and bubbling that happens in the front part right next to them.  I would have to take out the entire sleeve, then take a dart, then put them back in.  I could do that, but boy I don't want to!  So I think this is how it will stay.
You can't see the hem, but I used bias tape on that too.  It looks pretty cool.  Overall I think this is a cute dress and much more appropriate for summer than most of the other dresses I own.  I bought a bunch of patterns during the pattern sales these past couple of weeks and some fabric too, and I plan on making myself a bunch of tops and another dress this summer. 


Elise said...

Tori, you are so talented! And you really have a lovely figure. The dress accents your natural figure very nicely, and I really like the color. I always enjoy your dress posts; I think they are my favorite!

Jolena said...

So I think this one turned out so beautiful! I love the pattern. You did a great job with your alterations. And your face in the first picture is awesome. Please do not jump through the camera and murder anyone. You have that look in your eye. ;)