Saturday, June 9, 2012

Vacation Days 3-4: Zoo and Train Museum

Friday we went to the Philadelphia Zoo. I usually go once or twice a summer with Adam's sister on her season pass, but it's been four years since Adam has gone.  I think the last time was when my sister Natasha visited us right after we moved here!

 We didn't realize how busy it would be because of school groups.  The day was hot but not too hot, but the masses of people made everything loud and kind of crazy.  Daniel easily got overwhelmed. That made him want to be held constantly.  He had that problem today too, so next time we do an excursion we'll try out the back carrier that I made.  He's getting big for it, but it's easier having him on our backs than in our arms, and we always keep it in the car, so we'll have to use it next time.

Two gorillas are in this picture, one in the background, and one right next to the glass.


 Today we went to the Train Museum in Strasburg.  It's a beautiful hour-long drive from us into Amish country.  We actually didn't get any pictures in the museum because we left our cell phones in the car!  I snapped some pictures of the train as it passed us.  We could either pick the train ride or the museum and we picked the museum.  It was fun climbing in and out of some of the trains.  The best part for the kids was a building filled with toy trains, model trains, lego trains, train books, train puzzles, etc.

On the way home we picked up fast food.  I tried to sneak a soda for myself but the kids saw.  Daniel kept trying to offer me a chicken nugget in exchange for a drink of my soda. :]

Vacation Day 2: Please Touch Museum

On Thursday we took the kids to the Please Touch Museum in Philly.  I had heard lots of great things about it and was excited to take the kids.  Adam didn't know much about it, so he was especially pleased when we saw how awesome it is inside.  The first thing we played with was the water exhibit.

 Daniel loved the cars.
 This full-sized car is awesome.  What kid doesn't love playing around in mommy and daddy's car?

 There was even a city bus to drive.
 Both kids loved this hamster wheel.  Daniel was surprisingly strong and didn't even need much help from the attendant to turn it.
 The Alice in Wonderland was a favorite.
 Both kids instinctively know how to conduct a tea party.  I'm not sure why!
It was very fun and definitely worth the money.  We did have to share it with a few school groups, which made it kind of crazy at certain exhibits, but still fun.  Daniel got very overwhelmed at times and just grabbed my hand and pulled me away from the chaos until he could find something quiet to play with. You'll notice he still has the pink hat on--he wears it all day!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Vacation Day 1: Linvilla

Today is the first day of Adam's vacation!  He hasn't had this much time off (a week!) the whole time that we've worked here except to go to scout camp.  We're really happy. We're going to go on a bunch of day trips and activities around here. Today we went strawberry picking with our playgroup friends.  We picked over 7 pounds of strawberries! The kids were really good at picking.  I had to throw away a lot of squishy ones later, but even with that we still had over 5 pounds left after I cut all the tops off and threw out the squishy ones.

 Daniel did really well at picking and picked over a pound until he figured out he could eat them.  His face is covered in strawberry juice here!
 Katrina was pretty excited about the rocks she was holding in this photo.
 Yummmm.  We already had chocolate-covered strawberries for lunch and are having strawberry lassi later on tonight.  A lot of them are super ripe, so I put them in bags and put them in the freezer.  I'm planning on making some fruit leather, yum!
More posts will happen as the week goes on!

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Dress for me, Butterick 5642

I made this dress for myself last Saturday and stayed up until after 1 am, but unfortunately it didn't fit!  So today I did a bunch of alterations.  It seems like every pattern I have made lately has been really large on me.  I always cut out the size that it tells me to according to my measurements.  I'm sure it doesn't help that I am short and also short-waisted.

Anyway, this one had multiple problems.  Armholes too big, too much fabric in the waist, completely ineffective modesty panel, and really gapey.

(Sorry for my strange faces in all of these photos! And the blurriness!)  Anyway, I took it in at the shoulders, took out the modesty panel and put in a much larger one (probably too large, but I was getting tired at that point), and gathered the inside edges of the v near the bottom to stop the gaping.  Then I had to take two significant darts in the back.
Altogether I am happy with it.  Unfortunately I can't figure out a way to fix the sleeves and bubbling that happens in the front part right next to them.  I would have to take out the entire sleeve, then take a dart, then put them back in.  I could do that, but boy I don't want to!  So I think this is how it will stay.
You can't see the hem, but I used bias tape on that too.  It looks pretty cool.  Overall I think this is a cute dress and much more appropriate for summer than most of the other dresses I own.  I bought a bunch of patterns during the pattern sales these past couple of weeks and some fabric too, and I plan on making myself a bunch of tops and another dress this summer. 

Horse show and pictures

I was going through my cell phone pics and realized I had some rather cute ones of the kids that I wanted to share. It took me awhile to figure out where these photos were from, but then I saw the suits and remembered that they are from the Brooks Brothers outlet where we bought Adam's suits a few weeks ago.

 And this photo is from March.  Daniel is playing his cousin's guitar.
 And fast forward in time to yesterday!  Every year we go to the Devon Horse Show, which is about a mile or so from us.  Adam's boss has an awesome box, so we get to use it to watch the events.  Honestly, we usually just watch for a few minutes while eating fries.  The kids always just want to go over to the carnival part.

 The kids were super cute.  Every time a horse jumped a fence, both kids yelled, "Jump!" It was super cute.

 The rides are all fairly expensive, so we only did two.  The both got to ride their first carousel.

And we went on another spinning ride where they got to sit in flying dogs.  Both Adam and I got a bit nauseated riding that one, but they liked it just fine.  Unfortunately, then we had to go home, which caused a major Katrina meltdown, but at least it was fun for awhile! 

These pictures are from this morning.  It was early and I hadn't gotten him dressed yet.
 I love his face!
Today Adam took his CFA exam.  We're so relieved to have this one over.  One more year left!  Or two if he doesn't pass, sigh.  That's okay, we can do it!