Wednesday, May 30, 2012

What's up with us lately

So...I'm really bad at updating the blog lately.  My excuse it because we don't do anything interesting!  Plus I'm not that great about taking pictures and I like to always have pictures on the blog.

I thought I'd let you know what's up with each family member.

Adam: Adam is taking the CFA level II this Saturday and is pretty overwhelmed.  He hasn't had as much study time this year.  His job is also sucking the life out of him, so he has tried to fit some job-searching in but it's hard to fit everything into a 24-hour day!  Thankfully for his state of mind, his boss insisted that he take off next week. We're looking forward to a real vacation and trying to figure out where to go and what to do.  At church Adam is the Stake Financial Clerk and really enjoys his calling.  I like that it's less time-consuming than Scoutmaster.  He gets to visit the other wards a lot, which is sometimes tricky with only one car, but we make it work.

Me: I spend my time reading and sewing.  I need to read less and sew more though, because my Etsy shop is doing really well and sometimes I have a hard time keeping up with it.  It's bridal season and I get lots of orders for bridesmaid clutches.  I really enjoy those orders.  I'm proud that I've been able to buy several things this year with my shop profits, like suits for Adam, a laptop for myself, and a carseat for Katrina.  Now I'm saving up for a family vacation to see my Utah family.  We spend most of our time at home and I'm always trying to get myself to take the kids out and play in the mornings but instead we sit around watching tv or the kids run around and play together while I do computer stuff for my business.  I've got to get better about getting them outside and doing fun things!  At church I'm Katrina's Sunbeams teacher, which is really fun.  Unfortunately, we're losing approximately one child per month this summer to moves, and we just had a few kids leave when their branch moved to a different building, so our class will be down to three kids by the end of the summer!

Katrina: Katrina is a really cute kid.  She's smart and often talks about things that I have no memory of teaching her, so I know she picked them up from her games she plays during Daniel's naptime.  Yesterday she was singing the vowels in the alphabet.  Katrina has a really large vocabulary but is still kind of hard to understand.  Her speech isn't very clear sometimes.  We try to get her to speak slower and clearer (sometimes I sound like the mean mom from Tangled: "Don't mumble!") She loves other people and every time we go to the park she runs off to ask the closest little girl if she will be her friend.  She's so social and I feel bad that I'm happier at home.  I'm looking into preschools for her in the fall but they are really expensive around here.

Daniel: Daniel is kind of crazy.  He goes from being super cute to yelling his head off at the drop of a hat.  I try to avoid triggers, but at the same time, I get really sick of his mood swings so often I just ignore him when he starts, which makes his tantrums worse.  Thankfully he's really affectionate and sweet, but he can be pretty invasive in his affection, climbing on me and smothering me with kisses and caresses that quickly turn into giggling while slapping or pinching me.  It's a hard balance with him these days and I don't always know how to deal with him.  He's got a big vocabulary too and it's fun to hear his sentences.  Whenever he sees me after a period of absence he grins and yells, "Found it! Found the mommy!"  He still uses both hands but definitely favors his left hand.  He's pretty musical and likes to sing songs with familiar tunes but inserts his own words.  Daniel seems to be getting closer to pottytraining. I'd really like to get him out of diapers before he goes into Sunbeams in January.  The other day we were getting some frozen yogurt and I turned around to see Daniel bending down and picking up his diaper, which had come off and slipped out of his leg hole (the velcro on one side needs to be replaced).  The girls nearby thought it was hilarious thank goodness and not disgusting (it was a dirty diaper), and I quickly whisked him off to clean him up.  With no replacement diaper he had to eat ice cream in just his shorts, but there was no accidents thankfully!

So that's us right now!  Hopefully our life will get less stressful once the CFA is over. 

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Elise said...

I loved this post! I am always amazed that you can run your business and still take care of your kids. I don't think I'd have it in me. But if you have a week off, you should come visit us!!! It would be so fun! About the only interesting thing we can claim is Nauvoo, but that is what happens when you live in a small city in the Midwest :).