Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Lightning damage

It's become increasingly rare for me and Adam to spend the evening watching tv and doing nothing else.  Usually I'm sewing, he's studying, and we don't watch tv together.  But last night neither one of use felt like doing our normal things, so we ended up sitting on the couch and watching three episodes of Doctor Who while listening to a rather remarkable thunderstorm outside.  It was pretty surprising that Katrina didn't wake up, since normally thunderstorms send her into a panic.

After Doctor Who, it was around 12:30, but we still were too lazy to actually get up and go get ready for bed, so we sat there reading and watching movie trailers.  The storm had basically stopped.  Suddenly out of nowhere, we heard a monstrous CRACK with a brief flash of light outside.  It really sounded like a cannon shot.  I shrieked and Adam jumped, but the lights were fine, and our kids didn't even stir, and we had no idea whether the lightning and struck our building or somewhere close by.  It's a three story building and we are on the bottom floor, so it was hard to know what actually had happened. We thought we smelled burning, but it was faint.

And then I went to brush my teeth.

 Our mirrors each had a couple of these circular spots.  They weren't on the surface.  We couldn't clean them off or anything. I've heard stories of lightning hitting houses and charges shooting out of electrical sockets but that didn't seem to make sense in this case since the damage is not on the surface.
 I went to the bedroom and found plaster on my pillow.  Above the bed the wall looked like this:
 And then here is the part that sends chills through me:
That is Adam's pillow.  I had to push it down to take the picture.  Can you imagine if he had been laying right there?  Probably the worst damage to us would have been flying plaster, but can you imagine how shocking it would be to virtually have the wall explode above your head?? Last night I was feeling bad for our laziness in not getting to bed before midnight, but once I saw this I was super grateful.  I took these pictures for record of the damage and called our managers this morning.  They were baffled.  I'm looking forward to the maintenance man coming over later today to fix our clogged sinks (separate issue) so I can show off the damage, haha.

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bryan said...

Wild! Any damage on the outside of the building?