Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Facebook quote round-up

I'm sorry that my blog has taken such a backseat lately.  When something funny or postworthy comes up, I usually just post it on Facebook.  Since not all my family reads facebook, I thought I'd have a post with a bunch of quotes from my facebook status updates, or at least the funny ones. :]

December 10:
I may need to correct some of my kids' misconceptions. Katrina came up to me today and said, "I'm the Tooth Fairy. Go to sleep; I'm going to take your teeth!" Then Daniel put on some cat ears and came up to me saying, "Exterminate. Exterminate."

December 30:
Katrina's letter: "Dear Friend, I like to sing with you. La! Love."

January 4:
Today I showed Katrina how to type her name. I typed her name then had her type it. We did the same for everyone in the family. I typed "A-D-A-M" and she typed "A-D-A-H-I-K-M" and proudly told me she did it "with a K!"

January 7:
Daniel was so completely happy with his IKEA ice cream (his first ever ice cream cone) that he was saying in the car on the way home, "Thank you, you're welcome, Mommy, for Ife Weeem."

January 8:
Katrina and the other sunbeams did really well today in their first singing/sharing time. But during sharing time at one point, Katrina disagreed with the lesson. She turned to me and said, "Daniel is not a prophet. He's my brother!"

January 15:
Katrina just ran out of the bedroom yelling, "Ahhh! I saw the Holy Ghost! Ahhh!"

January 17:
Katrina is just full of funny things lately. I asked her what her favorite dinosaur is and she said, "A dromeosaurus, they're the pinkest!"

January 17:
Music to my ears...Katrina: "More vegetables please, Mommy!" Daniel: "Mo vehabababalll peese!"

January 31:
Wow, Katrina actually learned something from Family Home Evening! Today she's telling Daniel, "it's okay, I forgive you" when he's mean to her.

February 10
For some reason Daniel named his turtle pillow pet "Ducky." He often refers to it as "Cute Turtle Ducky." And sometimes he calls it "Ducky Werewolf." I have no idea where he got this!!

February 12:
I told Katrina we would need to save up money to buy something that she wants. A few minutes later she came up to me and said, "I have a great idea!" Me: "What's that?" Her: "Make money!" Profound, kid!

February 17:
If I didn't know about Katrina's obsession with typing "Chuck", I would think we had a ghost in the house. It seems like every time I come to the computer she has typed it in whatever document or window that is open.

February 20:
During lunch the kids were walking around the apartment together. I asked, "Are you done?" Katrina said, "no, we're just strolling."

February 21:
Earlier today I called Adam at the precise moment that he picked up the phone to call me, so I heard one ring on my end but he heard nothing, just me saying "hi!" instead of the dial tone he expected. But that's not the craziest part: a few hours later we did the EXACT same thing again. Are we on the same wave length or what?

March 3:
Okay, kid, I'm okay with being a jungle gym but NOT a punching bag! Daniel has always had a hitting problem but lately whenever something makes him mad he comes over and hits ME. "Nina not sharing!" Thwack! It's so awful it's almost funny.

March 6:
I told Adam in frustration how I couldn't find something anywhere online, and Katrina jumped up and yelled, "I can! I have great eyesight!"

March 14:
I just got the funniest wrong number call. I answered hello and an old woman said snottily, "Who is this, Lady Gaga?" A little speechless, I just said, "Who is this?" She answered, "Is this Edward?" I told her no, it was a wrong number, and she sounded mortified as she apologized and hung up.

March 16:
A 3 year old's logic is hilarious. Me: "You need to wear a shirt underneath that jumper." Her: "I changed my mind, I don't need to wear a shirt under it."

March 19:
Quote of the day from Katrina: "I can't find my white blanket! It's white and fluffy and it looks like a white blanket."

March 22:
Quote of the day. Katrina: "Daniel, no swiping! Daniel, no swiping! Daniel, noooooo swiping! Say 'Aw, man.' "

March 24:
Adam: "Are you an angry bird, Katrina?" Katrina: "I'm not angry! Look into my eyes, Daddy. These aren't angry eyes, these are happy eyes!"

April 4:
Daniel came up to me and said, "all finished!" And then I looked at him.

April 5:
So it turns out that Katrina figured out the Quick Print icon yesterday while playing on the computer...

April 7:
It's probably backwards that we tried to teach Katrina about Easter by referring to Chronicles of Narnia. Me: "And then Jesus died and came back to life..." Katrina: "Like the nice lion!"

April 9:
We just cleaned and vacuumed our living room, and in response Katrina asked, "Is someone visiting us?"

April 18:
Katrina just pointed at a picture of my brother (Rob) and thought it was me!

April 22:
Sunbeams tell me all sorts of crazy things. One told me all about her new little sister (I think that's news for her parents!), one told me about the baby in her mommy's tummy (that could be fiction as well), a visitor told me about her mommy being in jail (sadly true I think), another visitor told me his family doesn't have a home (they were on vacation) and Katrina told me all about how she goes to school on a school bus and has a pet (news to me!). This just reinforces to me not to tell Katrina anything I don't want her sharing, and also that kids have funny imaginations and to them the line between reality and imagination is not always clear!

April 29:
Katrina has absolutely no interest in learning how to write her own name, but can write the name Chuck and now Celestia (that one's from My Little Pony)

May 4:
Tired of waking up everyday to Daniel pounding on his door, I left it unlatched last night. Instead, I woke up to him standing next to my elbow, grinning, holding a bag of yams he found in the kitchen.

May 4:
I just heard from the other room Katrina saying: "No babies on the table! Mom, Daniel's on the table!"

May 8:
I am so grateful to have very polite children. When I ask Katrina to do something she doesn't want to do she will brightly say, "No please!" and then run away. When Daniel comes across something that he disagrees with, he yells, "No ganks! No ganks!"

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