Sunday, April 8, 2012

Mammoth Easter post

This is a fairly clothing-centered post, though it's kind of about Easter too.  But it's mostly about clothes!  First off, Adam's parents are celebrating their anniversary this weekend.  They decided to treat us to a family dinner at a nice restaurant.  I have to share a picture of his parents because I think they look great, and his mom is so beautiful in this dress (she made that jacket!).  When they invited us to this dinner, I decided I would use the chance to make myself a new dress with some crocheted lacy fabric I had bought a couple of months ago.
 First off, this was our morning yesterday.  Katrina here is wearing the Easter dress that her Nana (pictured above) made for her.
 Daniel didn't get a special Easter outfit because his dress clothes all still fit.  He's only grown about an inch since July.
 We went and had an Easter egg hunt at Nana and Pop pop's house before going to the restaurant.  The kids all stayed with a babysitter and did great!

 I finished off Katrina's dress with a fishing line hem.  Super cute, right?

 I told Katrina to say cheese and Daniel stepped in front of the camera and said cheese instead. :]
 She actually kept this flower in her hair for an hour before deciding she was tired of it. Big progress for her!

And here is the dress that I made.  It is Butterick 5559.  Adding the top crocheted lace layer made it a bit tricky, but it still came together fairly well.  I had to make a couple adjustments to the neckline, and I added an extra strip along the bottom for length.

 These pictures are kind of dark, sorry.
 I got a few compliments on it today, so that make me happy.
 I also made myself a reversible circle skirt this week.  These pictures are awful, sorry, but Adam was busy getting the kids lunch and so I had to use the timer and set the camera at a funny angle.
 I am not sure how flattering this skirt actually is, and I'm not sure how often I'll actually wear it away from home.  I need a close-fitting cardigan or jacket, I think.
It was a super easy skirt to make.  Here's the tutorial. The original isn't reversible, but it was very simple to adjust it to make it so.    I might make Katrina some skirts like this, since you can whip one up in about half an hour!

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Jolena said...

Katrina's dress turned out so adorable! I love that hem. And you look great in that dress. It's a really cool style. I bet if you got a cute cardigan to wear with skirt it would totally work. You're so talented! Love it!