Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Katrina's 4th birthday

This weekend we celebrated Katrina's 4th birthday!
 We met with my in-laws at the park nearby.  At first we went to the little kid playground and tried to use part of the little pavillion there, but a bake sale was taking over, and on of the playgrounds was closed.  We decided to go to a different part of the park that was unfamiliar to us. There was a huge pavillion there and another playground, and both were empty! So we had our party there.
 Auntie Em made this cake.  I told her Katrina's wish for a cake: Knight-Katrina fighting Chuck the Evil Sandwich-making Guy with her Rainbow powers.  But since I knew that would be way too much to ask, I asked her to make a rainbow cake.  Imagine my surprise and delight to see the cake she and Adam's mom made! Knight Katrina, complete with rainbow cape, is fighting Chuck!
 Katrina was pretty thrilled.
 It was an absolutely gorgeous day. 
 Both kids had their first soda.

 Dora dollhouse.

 Princess Barbies.
 And I don't have a picture of the My Little Pony unicorn that she got, but that one was a hit as well.  Katrina has been playing with all of these gifts non-stop.
 And her gift from us was a bike!  She loves it.  We wanted to get one last yer, but when we would take her to the store and try them, the pedals really threw her.  This year she figured it all out right away.
 We knew that Daniel would be really upset to not have a bike too, so we decided to get one for him.  I figured the pedals would be too difficult for him, so Adam and I decided to try out a balance bike. They don't have pedals, and the goal is for kids to learn how to balance on a bike and then later on when they go to a bike, they can skip training wheels.  It was a bit of an impulse, but I'm glad we got it.
 He didn't really get it the first day, but last night he was able to push himself around on it.  We'll see how long it takes for him to learn how to coast around on it. Oh, and we did buy helmets for them after the party, we just wanted to buy them in person to make sure they fit!
 So after a few hours of fun, everyone was pretty tired out. 
 Oh, and that red carseat is one I was able to buy with my purse money a month or so ago, and I'm super proud of being able to pay for it!

Happy Birthday Katrina! You are super cute and a wonderful daughter!

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