Sunday, April 1, 2012

A dress for Katrina

General Conference is hit and miss at our house--this weekend was more of a miss than a hit, though I did enjoy what I heard.  The kids had a hard time and it's pretty difficult to hear talks through little kid chatter! The nice thing was that I finished a dress for Katrina.
 I'm really happy with how it turned out.  I made up the pattern, and I was a little nervous of how it would fit and also how I would put it together with the lining and zipper.
 I also had to take special care of interior seams because the outer skirt is sheer, so you can see the seams from the outside.
 The whole reason I made this dress is because Katrina fell in love with the sparkly fabric and I agreed to make her a dress from it.  I was planning on making it earlier this month and then having Adam's mom make her Easter dress, but because I just finished it today, she'll wear this for either Easter or birthday and the one her Nana made will be for the other.  Katrina's dress supply is a little small at the moment, so I'm super glad she'll have two new dresses!
There was supposed to be one more short tier, but I actually didn't like how it looked, so I eliminated that layer.  Now I think it would have looked fine, but too late now! There is actually one thing left to do, and that's the hem.  I am debating between a simple rolled hem, and a fishing line hem, which is basically just a rolled hem where you stick fishing line in it and it makes a fun bouncy look.  That just may be a bit more formal than I want.
Katrina really likes it, and especially enjoys twirling in it. I'm very glad it turned out well! And that I could get it done all in one day.


Kami said...

That is an AWESOME dress. It makes me want to go out and buy my own patterns and fabric so I can make dresses myself ... then I remember how terrified I am of zippers. I love seeing the stuff you make, Tori!

Jolena said...

Oh my gosh, this turned out so beautiful! I can't wait to have a little girl to sew dresses for! Way to go Tori!

Elise said...

It is beautiful (but you do have a pretty model)!!! I especially love the tiny polka dots. And you must be skilled because it takes me weeks to construct a dress from my own mind and this took you only a day!