Thursday, March 1, 2012

Some funny things I want to remember

Katrina gets to play computer games during the afternoon while Daniel sleeps.  I put on and and let her go to town.  I like those sites because they have educational stuff and no ads for her to click off the site.  Well, PBS doesn't have as much educational stuff, so of course that's the one she prefers!  She is pretty obsessed with the show WordGirl, which she rarely sees on tv, but can watch on the website.  She loves the WordGirl games, characters, everything.  Her favorite one is Chuck, the Evil Sandwich-Making Guy, who has a head shaped like a sandwich and loves nefarious schemes.  He is a starring bad guy in Katrina's imaginings.  She has also learned to type and write Chuck and every time she gets on the computer she opens up a word document and types it.  Every time she colors, she writes his name. 

At first she liked writing it, "cHuck." Then I told her the proper way to type it, with a capital C.  Ever since then, she types it the correct way.  The other day Adam told her to pretend like she was typing Chuck.  She typed it out in midair, and the funniest part was that she included typing the capslock key before and after the C!

Daniel's funny these days.  Today he woke up from his nap and babbled a few minutes before we got him.  I'm always relieved when that happens.  When he wakes up crying, then he stays cranky the rest of the evening.  Anyway, Katrina asked to let him out, so I told her to go ahead.  He ran out with his strange jumping run, clutching his turtle, then grinned and said to me, "Arr, maties!"  Then he ran off saying it again.  He's learned that from Katrina, and I honestly have no idea where she got it--probably from her computer game!  She also told me the other day that the moon was a semicircle.  ??? Wow is all I can say.

Daniel is obsessed with letters. He has foam bath letters and knows all of them.  He likes to eat pretzels and as he eats, he proudly shows me the letters that he's made by eating off pieces.  He yells out letters he sees, which is inconvenient during Sacrament meeting. He loves both the words "yes" and "no" and so we have fun asking him a string of yes or no questions trying to trip him up or get him to say funny things.

Adam usually clapss his hands together and leans on them while praying at the table.  Daniel likes to imitate him, so Adam has begun doing strange ways of clasping his fingers and stuff just so we can see Daniel imitate him and then we fight back giggles.

Katrina is reluctant to pray by herself, but she was assigned the prayer in Primary a couple of weeks ago.  To practice we had her say the dinner prayer every night that week.  Part of the way I got her to want to pray was by asking Daniel to pray, and predictably, when she heard him repeating my words and praying, she would join in.  One night, she started praying, and she actually did the whole prayer without asking, "what's next?" a single time.  But the really precious things was that Daniel started repeating what she was saying, and so they said the entire prayer together.  Gaaaah! Those moments are so precious, and I hope I always remember them!

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