Saturday, March 24, 2012

Baby gift

I have a baby shower today and I had the dilemma this morning: do I go to the store and buy something, or spend the time to make it?  It's been awhile since I've had a reason to make a baby gift, so I decided to make it.  First, I made one of my mini color books.
 These are always so fun to make.  I also discovered that my fabric stash is exploding beyond its bounds again, so I'm figuring out some ways to reign in back in.
 In addition to the color book, I made some burp cloths.  These are made of a layer of flannel on one side, a layer of cotton knit on the other, and a strip of absorbent hemp fleece in the center.  All of these fabrics will get softer and more absorbent as they are washed, which is kind of fun.
 I had fun with my machine's decorative stitching and did fun stitching all around the edges and to hold down the hemp in the middle.
That's all for now.  Katrina is coughing and Daniel has a gross runny nose, so I suspect I'll be staying home with them tomorrow because Adam has to go on a clerking road trip to another ward during church.  I'll probably get started on Katrina's dress!

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