Thursday, February 2, 2012

Yummy, healthy smoothie

So I make smoothies on a regular basis and eat them for lunch.  I try to fill them full of fruits and veggies because as much as I love both fruit and vegetables, it's easy for me to not eat enough each day.  This is the recipe I usually use, and it's a good one! One note--I don't actually measure anything.  I just throw things in until it looks good. But I tried to figure out what the actual measurements were because I wanted to calculate how many calories were in these.  So those are the measurements I'm giving!

Berry spinach smoothie

2 cups raw spinach
1 cup orange juice.
1 banana
5 pieces of fresh broccoli
5 baby carrots
2 Tbsp ground flax seed
20 frozen strawberries or 10 frozen and 10 fresh if I have them
1 cup mixed frozen berries

It's really good and I can't taste the vegetables at all.  Adam sometimes can if I put too many carrots and not enough strawberries in, so I just try to make sure there's enough fruit to mask the vegetables.  If it's not blending very well, which tends to happen if I don't include any fresh fruit like the banana or strawberries, then I have to add some orange juice.  This makes about 3.5 servings. And it's the perfect smoothie for me because I can access all the ingredients year-round.

The calorie calculator tells me this is 135 calories per serving.  I never really trust those things, so I'm going to estimate it's a bit higher.  But still, tons of healthy food all at once!  When I make these I try to make sure this is my entire meal, but seeing that there are fewer calories in these than I thought, that makes me feel better that I always have to supplement it with something like pretzels.

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