Monday, February 27, 2012

2 year stats

I neglected to set up Daniel's 2-year birthday checkup until after his birthday, so we didn't get him in until last week.  He has completely gotten over his fear of the doctor, and even submits to ear exams, though impatiently.  Katrina continues to ask for shots (she was excited to get a flu shot last month when we were there) and both kids have so much fun at the doctor's office that I enjoy it too.  Other than some persistent eczema that we keep at bay with vaseline each night, Daniel is perfectly healthy.

His vitals are:
34.7" tall (38th percentile)
27 lbs 4 oz (31st  percentile)
18.9" head (26th percentile)

During his last appointment in either June or July, he was tall and skinny.  Since then he's only grown a little over an inch!  The doctor says boys tend to grow out and then up.  I just think he's going to be short, like his parents!  I've noticed that he hasn't grown in awhile because his footie pajamas still fit and we all know how those are the first things to stop fitting.

I wish I had some recent pictures, but all I have is this funny cell phone picture my father-in-law took. I like to call it Dark Lord Daniel.

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