Monday, February 27, 2012

2 year stats

I neglected to set up Daniel's 2-year birthday checkup until after his birthday, so we didn't get him in until last week.  He has completely gotten over his fear of the doctor, and even submits to ear exams, though impatiently.  Katrina continues to ask for shots (she was excited to get a flu shot last month when we were there) and both kids have so much fun at the doctor's office that I enjoy it too.  Other than some persistent eczema that we keep at bay with vaseline each night, Daniel is perfectly healthy.

His vitals are:
34.7" tall (38th percentile)
27 lbs 4 oz (31st  percentile)
18.9" head (26th percentile)

During his last appointment in either June or July, he was tall and skinny.  Since then he's only grown a little over an inch!  The doctor says boys tend to grow out and then up.  I just think he's going to be short, like his parents!  I've noticed that he hasn't grown in awhile because his footie pajamas still fit and we all know how those are the first things to stop fitting.

I wish I had some recent pictures, but all I have is this funny cell phone picture my father-in-law took. I like to call it Dark Lord Daniel.

Friday, February 3, 2012

Meal Planning

I really dislike coming up with ideas for dinner, and in the past I haven't had much success with meal planning.  But a couple of months ago I sat down and made a meal plan for an entire month, and it has been a great success!  Each week I go to the store with a list of the meals and ingredients for the week and then each day I just look at the list and decide what I want to make.  Several meals have been crossed off, either because the meal wasn't that great, or because we're dead sick of it! 

Currently I'm a few meals short because of crossing off some meals.  And there are a few more Adam would happily never eat again, but I'm keeping on because they are super easy to make or because the kids love them.  I thought I would share my current meals because there are some great ones on there.  I try to plan for six meals a week, which leaves one night for leftovers or breakfast for dinner or going out.

Week 1:

-Bean/guac burritos.  I add taco meat and cheese. Probably not as healthy, but more filling.

Real Italian Calzones Recipe-Calzones

-Chicken bacon alfredo. We like this better without the artichoke hearts.

-Corn potato chowder.

Week 2:

-Pinwheel calzones. This is the kids' favorite meal, hands down.

-Asian lettuce wraps.  This one has been around for awhile, so we're a little tired of it, but it's so simple it stays on the list.
Asian Lettuce Wraps Recipe
-Chicken/bacon pizza.  For this I have a tried a few variations, and the one I like best is to use a Pillsbury pizza crust, spread with ranch dressing, and sprinkle on chicken and bacon.


Week 3:

-Beef stew. Crockpot meal

-Caribbean rubbed pork chops with mango salsa.  We just had these this week for the first time and they are delicious!

-Baked mac n cheese. Oh so yummy!

-Chicken broccoli croissant. This is another new meal that we really loved.

Week 4:

-Pinwheel calzones again

-Beefolay- cook a pound of ground beef and mix with spaghettic sauce.  Layer chips, lettuce, tomatos, sauce, and cheese.

-Enchilada puffs

-Super BLT. We use those thin bagels for the outside of the sandwich and it's super yummy

-Chicken Curry Salad.

Alternates that we're sick of:

-Thai tacos. These are delicious.  I'm just tired of them. So we're on a break.



-Cheese steaks- I've tried a few recipes and while they taste nice, it's just impossible for us to cut up the meat thin enough for it to resemble a real cheese steak.

So there's my current meal plan.  You can see that I'm a couple of meals short on each week right now.  I had a few meals that I just removed, so it's a bit sparse.  Time for me to browse Pinterest for some new recipes! As you can see, almost every recipe is ready in 30 minutes or less.  I just hate having to do hours of preparation.  Since I implemented this monthly meal plan I've done much better at getting dinner on the table for my family, so I thought I would share it.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Yummy, healthy smoothie

So I make smoothies on a regular basis and eat them for lunch.  I try to fill them full of fruits and veggies because as much as I love both fruit and vegetables, it's easy for me to not eat enough each day.  This is the recipe I usually use, and it's a good one! One note--I don't actually measure anything.  I just throw things in until it looks good. But I tried to figure out what the actual measurements were because I wanted to calculate how many calories were in these.  So those are the measurements I'm giving!

Berry spinach smoothie

2 cups raw spinach
1 cup orange juice.
1 banana
5 pieces of fresh broccoli
5 baby carrots
2 Tbsp ground flax seed
20 frozen strawberries or 10 frozen and 10 fresh if I have them
1 cup mixed frozen berries

It's really good and I can't taste the vegetables at all.  Adam sometimes can if I put too many carrots and not enough strawberries in, so I just try to make sure there's enough fruit to mask the vegetables.  If it's not blending very well, which tends to happen if I don't include any fresh fruit like the banana or strawberries, then I have to add some orange juice.  This makes about 3.5 servings. And it's the perfect smoothie for me because I can access all the ingredients year-round.

The calorie calculator tells me this is 135 calories per serving.  I never really trust those things, so I'm going to estimate it's a bit higher.  But still, tons of healthy food all at once!  When I make these I try to make sure this is my entire meal, but seeing that there are fewer calories in these than I thought, that makes me feel better that I always have to supplement it with something like pretzels.