Sunday, January 29, 2012

Snow pics and update

We had a snow storm last week and the kids were thrilled to play in the snow. This has only been the second snow of the season.

Here Katrina is playing with a super long branch that looked and acted like a whip.  Very fun for kids and adults, ha.

Katrina hasn't taken regular naps for awhile, so it's been quite unusual lately that she has been falling asleep in the afternoons or early evenings.  It always makes her cranky if she falls asleep too late, but she's so cute I had to snap a picture the other day.

Adam and I have both been doing a lot lately, but especially Adam.  Once more he is studying for a CFA exam (level II this time), so he's started getting up at 6:30 to study before work as well as studying in the evenings too most nights.  His Sunday and Tuesday free time is devoted to his calling (stake financial clerk) and his Woodbadge ticket (five Scouting goals that he has to finish before October).  My busy-ness mostly just is self-imposed by my desire to work on my Etsy purses.  I have some ambitious goals: 200 sales this year, and 2 or more bridal orders a month. So far things are looking like I will meet my goals, so I'm pleased with that.