Saturday, January 7, 2012

Carseat ponchos

One of my least favorite parts of winter is getting kids in and out of carseat while they are bundled up in heavy jackets.  Car seat experts caution against putting kids in seats with their heavy jackets because in an accident the jacket could compress and the kid could be ejected.  Plus, I hate having to adjust the straps all the time! PA weather is up and down (today we didn't even need jackets) so that means a lot of strap adjustment.  Anyway, one solution is to use a carseat poncho.  It goes over the kid and they can wear it in their seat without obstructing the straps.  Or if they are like my kids, they can just take it off and throw it on the floor! Or use it as a blanket.  I decided to make some for the kids. 
 I made up a pattern and it worked out really well, with just a few adjustments along the way.  I still need to add a little button on the top of each, but I figure I'll take the kids with me to choose their own.
 These are technically reversible, but the inside is much more comfy, so I don't plan on recerding them.
 I knew it was a gamble whether the kids would actually like them.  But I was still sad to see how much Daniel dislikes his.
 In this picture he was sad because he couldn't get to his bread in his hand.  So I put his arms through the slots, but that didn't help much.
 Katrina liked hers better.  She was somewhat bothered by not having any sleeves.
 I asked her to smile but she had just woken up and told me no.
 She also wanted it reversed. 
These probably won't be worth the time and money I put into them, but we'll see.  It's been a mild winter.


Ashley Booher said...

Do you have a pattern to share?

Tori said...

Sorry, I don't have the pattern I used. I can't remember how exactly I came up with it.