Sunday, January 29, 2012

Snow pics and update

We had a snow storm last week and the kids were thrilled to play in the snow. This has only been the second snow of the season.

Here Katrina is playing with a super long branch that looked and acted like a whip.  Very fun for kids and adults, ha.

Katrina hasn't taken regular naps for awhile, so it's been quite unusual lately that she has been falling asleep in the afternoons or early evenings.  It always makes her cranky if she falls asleep too late, but she's so cute I had to snap a picture the other day.

Adam and I have both been doing a lot lately, but especially Adam.  Once more he is studying for a CFA exam (level II this time), so he's started getting up at 6:30 to study before work as well as studying in the evenings too most nights.  His Sunday and Tuesday free time is devoted to his calling (stake financial clerk) and his Woodbadge ticket (five Scouting goals that he has to finish before October).  My busy-ness mostly just is self-imposed by my desire to work on my Etsy purses.  I have some ambitious goals: 200 sales this year, and 2 or more bridal orders a month. So far things are looking like I will meet my goals, so I'm pleased with that.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

First preschool check-in and new dragon

I never checked in with how preschool went last week.  I didn't fit in everything I wanted to, but we had fun with what we did.  Here the kids are drawing faces.
 We identified everyone's eye and hair colors.
 Katrina made sure to give everyone ears and bellybuttons (on our chins) as well as faces.
 Daniel systematically opened every single marker and scribbled, then went to the next marker.
 This week our theme is healthy living, so we've been talking about exercising and identifying fruits and vegetables.  I also talked a bit about serving sizes with her when she wanted me to give her the whole package of pepperoni.  I am going to make an activity for her to learn how to set the table.

My sister asked me to make her a dragon for her son's first birthday.  I made a bunch of small changes to the pattern.  The biggest was cutting down on the amount of hand-sewing and doing it all on machine.  This ended up with the dragon's head pointing higher that I wanted, but it's still cute.

 With his ears pointed so far back and looking upward, he looks rather wistful.  Maybe he's begging?
Hope my nephews likes it!

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Carseat ponchos

One of my least favorite parts of winter is getting kids in and out of carseat while they are bundled up in heavy jackets.  Car seat experts caution against putting kids in seats with their heavy jackets because in an accident the jacket could compress and the kid could be ejected.  Plus, I hate having to adjust the straps all the time! PA weather is up and down (today we didn't even need jackets) so that means a lot of strap adjustment.  Anyway, one solution is to use a carseat poncho.  It goes over the kid and they can wear it in their seat without obstructing the straps.  Or if they are like my kids, they can just take it off and throw it on the floor! Or use it as a blanket.  I decided to make some for the kids. 
 I made up a pattern and it worked out really well, with just a few adjustments along the way.  I still need to add a little button on the top of each, but I figure I'll take the kids with me to choose their own.
 These are technically reversible, but the inside is much more comfy, so I don't plan on recerding them.
 I knew it was a gamble whether the kids would actually like them.  But I was still sad to see how much Daniel dislikes his.
 In this picture he was sad because he couldn't get to his bread in his hand.  So I put his arms through the slots, but that didn't help much.
 Katrina liked hers better.  She was somewhat bothered by not having any sleeves.
 I asked her to smile but she had just woken up and told me no.
 She also wanted it reversed. 
These probably won't be worth the time and money I put into them, but we'll see.  It's been a mild winter.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Preschool Planning Week 1

As it is now the start of the new year and Katrina really needs some more structured learning, I decided to do some home preschooling.  I'm not sure how much structure I'll want.  I don't know how much of our day we will devote to it.  For now I'm thinking we'll only spend about an hour on preschool activities, and then see how things go from there.  Any time I try to do structured activities with the kids Daniel does his best to cause mayhem, so if it doesn't work to include him we may have to do it in the afternoons while he sleeps.

I've planned a basic theme for this week, All About My Family.  I have a few activities for each day.  At the end of the week I'll share some pictures from our activities and a report on how it went.

Day 1:
1. Color faces of family with worksheet I made
2. Slideshow of Katrina's life
3. Practice writing her name

Day 2:
1. Family tree
2. Family matching game
3. Practice typing her name

Day 3
1. Slideshow of Mommy and Daddy
2. Color a picture of the temple
3. Some other activity, maybe taking picture in Mommy's wedding dress? (Total Pinterest idea)

Day 4:
1. Look at pictures of Grandparents and talk about them
2. Write letters to granparents
3. Family matching game again

I will report the results of the week on Friday!