Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Some recent videos

I haven't shared any videos in awhile. Here are some from November and December.  Shadow puppets:

Spinning games with Daddy. Unfortunately this is the tail end, when Daddy was getting tired:

Daniel dancing to the piano music.

And the kids jumping off the couch tonight into their "swimming pool":

Answers in advance to one of your burning questions: Does Daniel every wear normal clothes? Yes.  Today he worse pants and a shirt for most of the day.  But he spends as much time in just a diaper as possible, and occasionally in one of Katrina's dresses.  He has pretty bad exczema and clothes seem to bother him, so I let him wear what he wants rather than make him be uncomfortable. 

Last week I was slammed with purse orders (hooray!) and this week I am frantically finishing Christmas gifts for my kids and nephews.  We can't wait for Christmas!

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Jolena said...

These just make me smile. I particularly love when Adam stopped spinning Daniel and he started crying for you. I don't know what he really wanted, but it seemed like he was crying because Adam stopped and trying to get you to make him keep going. I laughed hard about that. :)