Sunday, December 11, 2011

Daniel is 2!

Now that Daniel has been 2 for a week, I thought I should share some things about him.  Daniel is very attached to both me and Adam, but me especially.  As a baby he wanted to always be held and not much has changed!  Sometimes he goes through stages where he wants to walk by himself, but even then he insists on holding my hand. (Two falls down the concrete steps outside our apartment have made him a bit afraid of those, for good reason!).  But most of the time he's happier being held or even carried on my back in the baby carrier.  This clinginess is cutest when he's cuddling in our laps in the evening watching a tv show.  It's the least cute when I walk into the room and sit down and he starts crying because he wants me to hold him (and be standing).  Church can be really difficult, but sometimes, like today, he happily sits on my lap all of Sacrament meeting as long as he can eat grapes and play with his turtle. He loves nursery but hates the parting at the beginning and screams for a few minutes.

Daniel is extremely attached to his turtle pillow pet that he got last year for his first birthday.  It's a smaller-sized pillow pet and is perfect for him.  He is happiest when he is sucking on his thumb and holding the turtle's tail in the same hand.  He loves to bop his face with the turtle's head, wear the turtle on his head as a hat, and kiss the turtle.  In fact, to my great dismay, whenever I ask Daniel to kiss me, he gets a mischievous smile on his face, wriggles off my lap, and finds his turtle, which he then kisses.  Then he brings the turtle to me to kiss.  So Daniel kisses are especially precious to me because they happen so rarely these days!

Daniel has a few things that he loves to an obsession.  Balls, balloons, leaves, oranges, grapes, apples. He can't walk by a leaf without wanting to hold it.  He feels similarly about flowers, but we just don't see those quite as often, thankfully!

He has a very wide vocabulary.  Most things are food, but at least he can tell me exactly what he wants!  He also has some strange phrases.  He just said, "Oh, dear me, Nina."  He likes to say, "oh, man!" "Oh turtle!" "Oh Daddy/Nina/Mommy/Daniel!"  He can say some full(ish) sentences, like when he finds something, he says, "Mommy, found it turtle!"  I would say he has at least 100 words that he uses on a regular basis.  I'm sure you remember how much we have stressed over Katrina's speech.  (She speaks quite well now, she just has fairly poor ennunciation.)  It's really a relief to be able to communicate with him so well, especially with his cranky temperament.  He sometimes gets really serious and stares at me while going off on a little monologue that has recognizable words thrown into a bunch of jabber.  He says Please, Thank you, and Sorry all without being prompted.  In fact, I am so charmed by how he says, "More please!" that when he says it I pretty much will give him whatever he wants!

Another thing he loves is jumping.  He often will jump as his mode of transportation from one room to another.  He has this strange phrase, "Uppee up, jump jump jump!" which he randomly will say and then of course jump.  He loves to jump on his bed.  He jumps off of furniture.  He just started randomly jumping into my arms from stairs and furniture and thankfully I've always noticed in time!

He loves the foam letters we have in the bathtub and is convinced that every single one is the letter W.  He counts to 13 and then repeats "erteen, erteen, erteen" for awhile.  He loves to sing, especially Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star.  He also loves Old MacDonald, which makes sense because one of his first sounds was Ee-i-e-i-oh!

Daniel and Katrina get along really well.  He calls her Nina or Trina.  They often share with each other without being told.  If I give him two things he goes and gives her one as habit.  They also share pretty poorly at other times though!  If we are eating and Katrina or someone else isn't there he runs off to find them, saying, "Table. Table. Eat!" They play together a lot.  Right now they are playing catch in the hallway.  He seems to be left-handed, and he has a really excellent throwing arm.

He has an aversion to clothes.  I am trying extra hard these days to get him dressed, but sometimes if he's having a hard time and starts tugging on his clothes, I'll give in and take them off.  He's been developing strange rashes lately and when I tried to put some lotion on his dry skin last week he broke out in hives on his back.  I will be asking the doctor about it definitely at his next visit. 

Well, that's a lot about one kid, but I wanted to have a little verbal snapshot to remember what he is like at this age!  He really is delightful, and we love him lots.

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