Thursday, December 22, 2011

Christmas gift--Fabric garages

You may remember that I made my nephew a cute fabric barn a couple of years ago.  It was a fun gift and I've always intended to make one for Katrina, perhaps a dollhouse.  For Daniel and my two nephews this year, I bought some wooden cars off of Etsy, and decided to make some fabric garages to go along with it.  I used the same tutorial but changed it up a bit.  Larger, flat roofs, no handles, and a different way to fasten that I'm hoping will be easier on little fingers. 
 Each one has a ramp that comes down from the second story.
 I was intending on making the garage door open, but I forgot to do it for the first one, forgot again for the second one, and for the third I decided what the heck, I'd skip it for that one too.
The outsides of the garages have barrels of oil, safety cones, and tool boxes.

These were kind of a pain to make, and I did some things that look funny.  I think they're the kind of gift that the kids will play with once and then never look at again, except maybe the cars.  Oh well; it's three days until Christmas, so there's no going back now!  Hopefully the cars will provide lots of entertainment, even if the garages aren't super exciting.  You never know what kids will like, so I don't get too invested in what I make in case it's a failure with the kid.

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