Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas and last Christmas gift--dollhouse

Merry Christmas everyone!
 You'll notice our tree has no ornaments left on the bottom half because Daniel kept removing them.
 I wanted to share Katrina's final gift.  First of all, I made these little dolls.  I tried to make little girls with petticoats peeking out. 
 This is the dollhouse I created for Katrina. I decoupaged fabric and scrapbook on the floors and walls to decorate.  Some rooms are a little cuter than others, but overall I think it's fun.  I especially like the rug in the living room and the carpet in the master bedroom!
 I put together some of the furniture from a kit at Michaels.  It was really small and flimsy even after I glued it, so I looked around for other furniture last-minute.  I ended up buying some wood furniture on Etsy for a great price.  It's very cute and much sturdier that the other furniture.  I ended up gluing most of it down because I don't want furniture all over the place in their room.
 The middle level has Daniel's room on the left, the master bedroom, and Katrina's room.
 The upstairs has a bathroom, and two other mysterious rooms that just have random leftover furniture.
 And here it is with the dolls.
 Katrina actually didn't really get into it, but today was a very full day with lots of new toys, so we'll give it some time.  Daniel went over and immediately ripped the toilet and a chair off, so I may need to use stronger glue!  And we just may upgrade to a real dollhouse next Christmas if it doesn't hold up well.
 This morning was lots of fun.  I played a violin/cello duet at church and needed to be there early, so I got us up at 7 and got the kids up rather than letting them sleep in.
 The dragons were a hit, especially with Katrina!
 She loved her bunny. Daniel loved his cars for his garage and his ball thing that I bought him too.
We went to New Jersey after church and ate our traditional Eggs Benedict and exchanged gifts with them.  The kids had lots of fun and we did too.  We will have plenty of things to play with tomorrow!

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