Sunday, December 4, 2011

Answered prayers

I've been getting progressively more and more stressed this week as I've tried to juggle a few things related to my Relief Society Activities calling.  We were short on pianists for this Christmas activity and I had to take on two of the pieces myself.  Unfortunately, even with all of my practicing, once we got together this morning to practice, it all fell apart.  I spent Sacrament meeting trying not to stress about it but failing miserably.  The kids were their normal active selfs, but even with taking care of a wiggly Daniel I was able to listen to the testimonies.  One of the themes today was answered prayers.  As I was praying for solutions to my stress I thought of a few options.  One was to talk again to a pianist who originally said no, just to see if her schedule had changed.  Another option was to ask a sister from another ward.  A third option was to use a recording of the piano part available online.  I wasn't really happy with any of those options. 

A family had their names read into Sacrament meeting today, and I remembered a conversation I had with the RS president a few weeks ago when she said that a new sister would be moving in who could play the piano really well.  I had the feeling I should talk to the new sister.  So after the meeting I approached her and asked her how she felt about playing.  She kind of smile/grimaced and and I knew that her piano skills must have been exaggerated.  She said she might be able to do it, but I didn't want to just transfer my stress to someone else.  I was disappointed but then she said that her teenage daughter is quite a good pianist, if I minded having a young woman play.  Uh, I don't mind!  Apparently her daughter voluntarily spends about 4 hour a day playing piano.  I promptly arranged for her to meet with us at our next meeting, handed over the music, and have spent the rest of the day so relieved!  I also talked to a few more people about important things, so I finally feel on top of things. 

There's still a lot to do but it feels manageable now.  I also have to finish Katrina's dollhouse and make three little fabric garages for Daniel and his cousins, so I need to get working.

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