Sunday, November 6, 2011


I'm still here! I lost my memory stick and so no new pictures. I wanted to share a couple things I made, like a Professor Umbridge cape that I made for my friend for Halloween, and some Halloween treat bags that I whipped up for the kids before Trunk or Treat. But I never took pictures of the treast bags and like I said, I'm missing the memory stick. I do have pictures of the Umbridge cape, but they are so unflattering to me I'm keeping them to myself. If you really want a glimpse, I posted them on my Toriska Bags blog.

Lately life has been a little trying. I'm feeling really fat. I have awful, perpetual back pain. And to be frank, my depression flared up again. Nothing major or debilitating, just enough to make me really unproductive and life just not very enjoyable. These sorts of things go through waves and I seem to be getting better. I have Book Club at my house this week, so a reason to clean! I've been gradually getting it cleaner these last few days, and I sewed a bunch of stuff too, so I'm feeling better because I'm more productive.

Nursery has been a difficult thing lately. Daniel refused to go to his junior nursery class for a few weeks, and he followed me around in senior nursery clinging and whining and crying and making things miserable. Everyone was sick except me last week, so I got to have a week of break from them, and everything went better! Today was rough in Sacrament meeting, as always, but Daniel went to nursery with only a few minutes of tears, and the kids in Senior nursery were so mild and calm that the two hours flew by!

Tonight we are dealing with post Daylight Savings weirdness and having a late dinner (white chicken chile). I'm going to start on a dress for myself after the kids go to bed. We have family pictures on Saturday and I want to have it done by then.

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Amber said...

I've been thinking about you this week Tori, wondering how you were. It's funny how I found myself missing your almost daily updates. I was wondering if the break was because you blog less when happy or because you blog less when unhappy. I'm sorry I ignored my thoughts to drop you a note. I hope your week goes well, your kids are sweet, that the dress turns out, and that you are able to get your house how you want it for book club (I have to have incentives to clean too). Have a great Sunday!