Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Kind of funny

I am on the committee planning the Relief Society Christmas program in a few weeks.  Our theme is "The Women Who Knew Christ" and it features six women (both scriptural and fictional) who may have known Christ.  It's a really sweet program. After each number we have a musical number.  I am in charge of the music, so I've been trying to put together all these numbers.  Pretty stressful!  We are super short on pianists and so I've ended up being the pianist for two numbers, one of which is pretty hard.  I hope it works out!

The funny thing happened tonight.  My committee chair gave me a call to discuss different things about the activity, and then she asked me to be Mary!  I had suggested we ask a young woman or young single adult, but apparently when she was talking to the presidency about it, they thought I would be a good Mary.  So I get to be Mary!  I admit, it's a little intimidating, but not too much because it's only a paragraph.  All of the other parts are a page long.

So anyway, I've got a busy week ahead of me with practicing piano, sewing purses, sewing Daniel's birthday quilt (his birthday is on Saturday), and various other things.  Adam cleaned the living room last night and the kitchen tonight, and I cleaned our room and the kids room tonight, so our apartment is much less of a pigsty.  Woo-hoo!  Yay for not being slobs.

Oh, and another thing.  We got to spend Saturday with my brother and his girlfriend down in Washington, D.C.  We went to the Natural History Museum and the Air & Space Museum.  Daniel was pretty cranky for much of the trip, but he and Katrina still had fun.  Daniel was chanting my brother's name in the car on the way home, so he definitely liked his uncle! And Katrina love him.  This was actually the first time Adam and my brother had met.  It was a great trip.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Daniel's second birthday is coming up in a couple of weeks, and I decided to make him a little quilt.  I wanted it to be simple, so I decided on a variation of a nine-patch that I'd seen awhile back.  I found some cute turtle print that I wanted to be the main fabric, since he loves his turtle pillow pet.  Well, it has some strange greens in it.  And while trying to find coordinating fabric I picked out some polka dot fabrics that had blue and brown.  I bought a few different browns and blues and greens to add to the mix.  I thought the combination would look good together, but I'm really not feeling it:

This is not the completed quilt top, it's just the blocks laying on top of the green fabric, but this will be sort of how it looks when pieced together.  It's just kind of weird.  In fact, I am afraid that it's kind of ugly.

I also have some brown to be a border, and I took it out and laid the pieces on the brown.  I think I like it better?  But I'm not sure.  I'm sad that it's not really living up to my vision.  I don't really have the budget to get different fabric, so this will need to work . . . somehow! One part that I'm excited about will be a line of marching turtles across the bottom.  That might salvage it.

On a positive note, I also made some placemats tonight.  The ones I originally made were pretty beaten up, so I need some fresh ones.  These came together super easy: two layer of home dec fabric and two packages of skinny bias tape.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Whole wheat blender pancakes

We had an activity yesterday where we made breakfast for dinner and delivered food storage that the sisters had ordered earlier.  We made three different kinds of pancakes.  I made whole wheat blender pancakes.  The recipe is from my parents.  It's pretty awesome because you grind the wheat right there in the blender. 

1 ½ cup milk

2 T. honey or sugar
1 ½ tsp salt
2 tsp baking powder
1 cup uncooked whole wheat
2 eggs
2 T. oil
Put milk and wheat in blender.  Blend on highest speed for 4 or 5 minutes or until the batter is smooth.  Add and blend on low eggs, oil, baking powder, honey, and salt.  Bake on hot griddle.  (By adding one additional Tbsp wheat and increasing oil to 4 Tbsp, you have waffle batter).  If batter is ever too thin, just add tbsp flour.
Neither Adam nor I are that fond of pancakes.  We prefer waffles but don't have a waffle iron.  These pancakes were really good though.  We had them for dinner tonight.  The kids loved them and even ran back to the table to eat the leftover ones plain!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Calm nursery

Today nursery was a breeze.  Last week was the same.  I'm not sure why all the kids were so happy and content, but we enjoyed it!  First we started out the day with all the cars out.  They quickly moved on to blocks, and those lasted almost half an hour!  A lesson, coloring, and snack time took most of the rest of the hour, and we skipped singing time in order to end the day with reading time.  I wish every week could be this nice!

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Dress inspired by pinterest

I made a dress for myself this week to wear at our family pictures this morning. I bought two lengths of fabric so I can make this dress in two colors. This is the first experimental one. My goal was to get out all the kinks on this dress so that the second one will be perfect. I am fairly happy with how this turned out.
Here is the shirt that I found on Pinterest that inspired this dress.
To come up with the pattern, I used a shirt and another dress of mine and traced them until I had a shape I was comfortable with. It ended up fitting pretty accurately and I just had to adjust one seam. The sleeves took more work, but I finally figured them out. It's very comfortable. The next dress will be made of a slightly stretchier fabric, so I might make it a little more fitted. This one is closely fitted but not tight at all, just how I like it. But I still feel like it makes me look lumpy.
The draping was the hardest part, since I don't have a dress form and just had to put it on myself and then pin it to figure it out. I think that for the next dress, I might skip out on the buttons. I will also try to cut out the front draping part on the bias if I have enough fabric for the next dress.
I like this shape on me. I normally go for A-line dresses and I think this is much more flattering.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

This is what we call Blackmail

Oh, Daniel, Daniel. We let you wear the purple dress, and you couldn't just stop there, could you?
No, you insisted on putting on every single dress and skirt of Katrina's that you could find. And then wore all of them for at least an hour!
And when you got stuck on the floor and flailed around like a turtle stuck on its back, I had to laugh at you a little. Okay, a lot.
I hope you don't have any permanent issues from me sharing these photos. But you see, I can't really help it. I've just got to share what a funny and precious little boy you are. Even when dressed like a little girl!

Sunday, November 6, 2011


I'm still here! I lost my memory stick and so no new pictures. I wanted to share a couple things I made, like a Professor Umbridge cape that I made for my friend for Halloween, and some Halloween treat bags that I whipped up for the kids before Trunk or Treat. But I never took pictures of the treast bags and like I said, I'm missing the memory stick. I do have pictures of the Umbridge cape, but they are so unflattering to me I'm keeping them to myself. If you really want a glimpse, I posted them on my Toriska Bags blog.

Lately life has been a little trying. I'm feeling really fat. I have awful, perpetual back pain. And to be frank, my depression flared up again. Nothing major or debilitating, just enough to make me really unproductive and life just not very enjoyable. These sorts of things go through waves and I seem to be getting better. I have Book Club at my house this week, so a reason to clean! I've been gradually getting it cleaner these last few days, and I sewed a bunch of stuff too, so I'm feeling better because I'm more productive.

Nursery has been a difficult thing lately. Daniel refused to go to his junior nursery class for a few weeks, and he followed me around in senior nursery clinging and whining and crying and making things miserable. Everyone was sick except me last week, so I got to have a week of break from them, and everything went better! Today was rough in Sacrament meeting, as always, but Daniel went to nursery with only a few minutes of tears, and the kids in Senior nursery were so mild and calm that the two hours flew by!

Tonight we are dealing with post Daylight Savings weirdness and having a late dinner (white chicken chile). I'm going to start on a dress for myself after the kids go to bed. We have family pictures on Saturday and I want to have it done by then.