Monday, October 17, 2011

Wedding gift and Daniel's dr appt

The other night I realized that I had forgotten to get a wedding gift for my friend's wedding reception the next day. I had reminded myself the entire week but still managed to forget! Great. So my choice was either to run out to the store for a gift card or spend a few hours making something. It seems like an easy choice, right? Well, we had just finished a grueling family grocery trip and the idea of going somewhere was awful. So I raided my fabric stash and used up the last of this beautiful damask fabric.
Four placemats. I looked on her registry and they mostly had blacks and neutrals, so I figured this would be the best bet.
And I made some finger potholders to match.
I hope she likes them!
This morning we had a follow-up appt with the ENT to see about getting Daniel tubes. He had an ear infection a few weeks ago so I was all prepared for them to say go for it. Instead, the doctor told me to come back in 6-8 weeks and if he's had 1-2 more ear infections, then we could get tubes for him. So that means I've been to the specialist twice (with a higher copayment), have a third appt scheduled, and have taken him to the normal doctor 6x for ear infections, plus the cost of antibiotics, pain meds, and have to wait for TWO MORE ear infections with the accompanying copayments and antibiotics before he can get tubes. Because he's almost 2 and so they might magically go away, according to her. I think you can see how I feel about this. But I'm trying to be all zen about it and so I'm hoping that she's right and he won't get any more ear infections and then I can cancel the next appointment (and not have to wait up to an hour in the specialist's office because they are never on time) and not get him tubes.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

King-sized bedspread: Completed!

I'm so happy to complete this project. I've been working on it all summer off and on. A king-sized bedspread is no easy task, and simply putting together the backing, batting, and topper took lots of energy. This evening I pinned it all together and then did the quilting. I only stitched in the ditch, so it was relatively easy. (Ha! Easy!)
Yesterday Adam's parents arrived with the new top for my table: a door! It is so much more stable than my 1/2-inch plywood and has smooth edges, yay! The other tabletop was already bent in the middle. This was how I was able to quilt this bedspread. Well, that, and Adam helped me. I really couldn't have done it without him maneuvering the quilt as I sewed.
And here is the photobomb:

I like this view: it's what I see when I lay down.
Next up will be to make some coordinating pillows. It feels really comfy and I'm excited to sleep with it tonight.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Finished jacket

Well, I finished my new jacket! It was quite the ordeal. The original way it was cut was huge on me. My mother-in-law, who is an experienced seamstress, helped me take it in all over and make it a lot shorter. She didn't think I should take it in as much at the shoulders, but I insisted, and it did turn out a bit snug at the shoudlers. But other than that, I really like it. I just have to wear it with short sleeves because long sleeves make it too bulky. Oh well.
Looking at these pictures, I probably need to move each button up a little bit.
The inside is a fun gray and yellow cotton, which is why I picked yellow buttons.
(Sorry, I obviously need to clean my mirror!) The pattern is McCalls M5525. I think I would like to make it again in the future with a different fabric.
I'm sharing at Sew N Tell at Amy Lou Who.