Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Urban hoodies

Fall really took me off guard this year. Pennsylvania seems to switch seasons without transition. We took the kids to the park at Linvilla on Saturday and we were the only ones in short sleeve there. I wasn't cold, so I guess it was fine, but I still felt a little self-conscious to see all the little kids decked out in full fall gear while our kids were in short sleeves and Katrina was in a skirt. So I decided to go ahead and buy the Urban Unisex Hoodie tutorial that I've been eyeing for awhile. This week is coupon commotion at Joann Fabrics, so I was able to buy all the knits for the kids for 40% off. Each hoodie required a yard for the inside and a yard for the outside. I made them reversible by switching how you attach the band, but for everything else I followed the pattern exactly. I used size 3T for Katrina and 2T for Daniel. They both ended up long and a bit big, but there's room to grow and also room to layer.
I would like to excuse the lack of pants on both kids on the fact that we had just gotten up and taken their pajamas off, but it's currently an hour later and both kids are still pantless. Daniel pulls at his clothes and yells, "Offfffff!" and Katrina will just take her pants off, so it's hard to keep them properly clothed around here.
See? "Off! Off!"
Katrina's doesn't have buttons yet, because I let her pick out the buttons for both hoodies and her heart-shaped ones are currently in her room somewhere.
I have no idea what was going on on the tv.
With the hoods on, they're super cute. Sorry for the shot of our dump zone on the ottoman.
I took some pictures in my light box so you can see both sides.

So there you go! The nice thing is that the pattern goes from 6 months to 5t, so I think I'll get lots of use out of it.
I also bought fabric for a jacket for me and backing for our quilt during the Joanns sale, so I'll hopefully be showing more finished projects this week. I'd also like to be blogging more about everyday family, non-sewing stuff. There's just not much going on! Our life is basic these days with nothing too exciting happening. But we're enjoying it. :]


Jolena said...

I love them, especially Daniel's! Love those colors. I'm right there with you on the blogging. Mine slowed down a few months ago because I couldn't think of anything to write about that was newsworthy to anyone but me. :)

Kim said...

Super cute bot the hoodies and your sweet little ones

ktquilts said...

So warm and snuggly! Great finish!!!

Kimberlee, The Spunky Diva said...

Those are both 'sew' cute. Backgrounds always look great when you back and check out pictures you just took, LOL! Visiting from Sew and Tell.

~ Kimberlee at The Spunky Diva 

amylouwho said...

I like these! I should get more ambitious!

Kelly @ Blue Bird Sews said...

Your kids are cute and your life real..nothing ever happens around here either - except for lots of sewing!