Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Sewing area revamp

Once again I decided to revamp my sewing area. My side of the living room was pretty packed. Also, Adam has asked me to tailor some clothes for him, and my little desk won't be enough to cut things out on. So yesterday I rearranged everything. It's all moved now, but I still need to prepare the wood that I bought last night to be the top of my new sewing table.

First, my littlest cutie.
And now, my new sewing nook. It feels like its own little room now. Actually, that's what Katrina calls it. She asks me permission to come into my sewing room. :]
The cutting table will go between the two shelves in the front. It's nice and spacious, 3' x 6'. I still need to sand and paint the wood I bought, and then draw some lines on it to help me cut.
This is the next best thing to having my own sewing room! I really am appreciative of our extra large living room. And very grateful for a husband who puts up with my compulsive need to dramatically rearrange every room of our apartment every few months!

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Jolena said...

very nice! This is pretty sweet. I love that Katrina calls it your sewing room. I'm excited that in our new house I have my sewing machine out on my desk. Baby steps...