Thursday, September 29, 2011

Birthday tie

I made my dad a tie for his birthday and now that he's opened it, I can share it. :] I really, really am happy with it. I did it differently than the last tie I made, and it really turned out nicer.
The last tie I made, I used a tutorial from the Purl Bee. This time I used the pattern at Puking Pastilles (ugh, blogger still hates me and won't let me either highlight things or paste in links. What the heck!). The pattern wasn't perfect, but I made it work. I took out the interfacing from an old tie of Adam's and used that as a guideline in ironing. I used instructions from both patterns plus a mixture of what I found worked better to put the tie together. Even with all the ironing and hand-sewing, I found that it came together really quickly.
I also used covered buttons and cufflink blanks to made him some cufflinks from old ties of Adam's as well.
My dad likes it, so it's success! Now if it only weren't so hard to find tie silk, I could make Adam lots of ties!

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