Saturday, September 10, 2011

Beach Day!

Today was our first beach day in two years! Somehow last year it just never happened. Two years ago was a pretty awful experience because we forgot the stroller. Three years ago was fun but Katrina was 4 months. So this year, we really just wanted it to be fun. And it was!

First of all, I finished Katrina's bathing suit.
I traced her old one and added some extra to the sides and some extra length. I made the straps a bit long and the crotch a bit wide, but overall it turned out great.
And most importantly, she loves it.
As usual, we went to Ocean City, NJ. Adam's parents came today too, so we had lots of hands for the kids, which was especially important in the water.
I don't have any pictures of us playing in the water, since I was out there playing too. The waves were really choppy. Last time we went, Katrina was afraid of the water, but this time she had tons of fun. And Daniel was in heaven! He kept jumping and saying, "Weee!" The waves were strong enough that I kept a permanent grip under his armpits, and several times the waves were enough to knock me partially over, but he loved every minute.
Afterwards everyone got very sandy on the shore.

Katrina was very proud of her sand castle that she made all by herself, moat and all. She gathered seashells and when we got home, she drew a picture of the beach and glued the seashells on it.
After playing, we ate on the boardwalk and enjoyed the breezy afternoon weather. It was really a perfect day. Plus, we ate some delicious pizza, Polish water ice, and brought home salt water taffy and Johnson's caramel corn. Yum!

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Jolena said...

this looks like it was so fun! Yay for fun days with the family!