Sunday, August 28, 2011

Well, we still have power

...though we did lose it several times last night. It always came back on in a few minutes though. The wind hasn't been that hard, and mostly it's just been a continuous rain. Last night I took these photos.
That's the swamp in front of my neighbor's patio. They always get it the worst.
And this is the puddle on our side. I was genuinely concerned about the water piling up and spilling over into our patio.
This is the water before I went to bed.
This is over on the other corner of our apartment, and you can see the water all running out into the street. So the water never got high enough around our apartment to be a danger.
And this is this morning. The rain is still going, but it's not very strong. Still not very high winds. And we still have power! We're supposed to get rain all day, and winds too, but I'm not expecting the crazy gusts that I was before. But we have lots of flashlights and water if we need. We even filled both bathtubs up!
Last night there was a tornado warning, but the tornado was northeast of Philadelphia, so I wasn't worried. I kept waking up last night and went out periodically to check on things. I know we lost power once because it rebooted the computer right next to me.
Flooding should be the worst problem in our area, but I don't think will directly affect us. However, all the water in the pictures went somewhere, and I know the ditch where it went. The people with apartments closer to it might have problems. We don't have church today, so I bet we'll go out and do some exploring. :]

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