Monday, August 15, 2011

Ruffle"Mullet" Dress

I was moping around last night after the kids went to bed because I didn't feel like doing anything, but didn't want to just read like I had the rest of the evenings this week. I hadn't sewn since Tuesday when I finished my bedspread, and normally I sew every day. On Sundays I don't sew for my Etsy shop, but I do like to sew things for the kids or for the home. So last night, on a whim, I decided to make a new dress for Katrina out of some old t-shirts. I used this tutorial.
The main part of the dress is a navy blue shirt. I picked off some lace from another shirt and used that around the waistband. I used that same shirt for the neckline. This dress is a little big around because I used a size 4T dress of hers as a pattern, and she's really a 3T, so I might add on some straps so it can tighten.
Very simple, very easy. This is the "business in the front" part. :]
And that's the "party in the back!" Rows and rows of ruffles. I used three different shirt for this. Actually, most of the dress is from shirts from my brother that I used to make his t-shirt quilt. He wanted me to have fun with the scraps, and I sure did!
Katrina thinks it's pretty awesome. She's recently had a growth spurt, and many of her dresses are too short, perma-stained, or shrunk in the wash right after I bought them, grrr.
I think this one was definitely a success. :] I kind of want to make myself a skirt in the same style!

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White House happenings..... said...

OMGsh Tori! That is the cutest dress! I love it. Wish I had half your talent and skill now that I have a little girl coming. I may just have to pay you to make Elly her wardrobe. :)