Thursday, August 25, 2011

Hurricane coming!

Not only have we lived through an earthquake this week, which was strong enough to rattle our apartment pretty good and definitely rattle my nerves, but we also happen to be in the path of the oncoming Hurricane Irene! Now, we don't seem to be in the direct path, but all the little maps and scenarios online point out the heavy rains and probability of high winds and possibly power outages.

I had a goal this year to do something for emergency preparedness each month. In January we created a pretty awesome car kit. In February our extra funds dried up. Money had been oh so up and down and exciting this whole year, so emergency prep has gone out of my mind. We have plenty of flour and rice! And we have a nice little supply of canned fruits and veggies. But our preparation ends there.

So tonight we'll be heading to the store to stock up on flashlights, a lantern, and possibly a camping stove. My other major concern is water. I also plan to stock up some more on snack-like things for the kids.

Funny story: I was explaining to Katrina that we are buying flashlights tonight, and I told her what a power outage is. She ran into the other room and told me the power was out, and got her flashlight (she insists on going to bed with a flashlight). I explained that if a light was on in one room, then the power was still on. On cue, the lights flickered, and then went dead. I just had to laugh, and said, "Now that's a power outage!" Thankfully the lights came back on within ten seconds or so, and Katrina immediately wanted to call Adam and make sure he hadn't gotten scared at work. :]


Amber said...

It might be too late for Irene, but for future hurricanes, just google the water bob--it's basically a liner that goes in your bathtub--you fill it up and then it's sealed and clean and has a little spout/pump thing so you can easily use it. Plus they are not very expensive. They are a one-time use thing. Good luck "hunkering down" (as all the news stations say here when you are riding out a storm at home).

Tamara said...

lol on hunker down, if i heard it one more time when we were hunkering down for hurricanes i was going to scream! easy things to heat up because there isn't ac when there isn't power and with limited cooking methods you dont want to get creative! and lots of snack food type stuff, its amazing how much you eat when you are bored because of no power. (we went 2 1/2 weeks when we got hit)