Friday, August 26, 2011

Funny Katrina-isms

I let Katrina play with her dress-up clothes, and when I came back, she had redecorated her rocking horse.
Katrina is super tired in the morning and when she wakes up from naps (on the occasion that she actually takes naps!)
Daniel, on the other hand, is bright and happy (or screaming in impatience because he wants food) after he wakes up.
Last week we moved Daniel into a big boy bed. He loves it! It has excellent jumpability, and both kids things it's awesome. A few nights ago though, we sent Katrina to bed and forgot she had peed in it during her nap earlier. Gross, I know, but she doesn't normally pee during naps and we got distracted by something. Anyway, she decided it wasn't very comfortable, and joined Daniel in his bed. Later on the night, we heard Daniel crying. We went in and found him on the floor, while she slept peacefully in his bed! We moved him to hers, and everyone was happy.

So Katrina has been saying some funny things lately, and I wanted to record some of them.
Today we were on the way to New Jersey, and she was eating a pretzel. She ate everything except the triangle at the bottom, and then asked me if she could pour me some cream. After I put out my hand and she "poured," she said, "don't spill your tea!" I have no idea where she got that!
Later on, we turned the radio to classical music because she said that "music makes me sleep." After she heard it, she smiled and said it was "ballet music." Then she changed it to "princess music."
Katrina and Daniel have a game where they play with my measuring tape or a ribbon or bias tape, and Katrina runs around with the front while Daniel holds the back. She says to him, "Pome on, little, little doggy! Pome on!"
There was something else really funny, but I've forgotten it. If I remember, I'll come back and edit.

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